Archive | September 5, 2014

A prayer for tolerance

Lady Mother

It’s one of those days where my temper is on the rise

Please grant me enough tolerance to get through the day

Tolerance of other’s foibles

Tolerance of other’s priorities

Tolerance of other’s lack of common sense

Tolerance of laziness

Tolerance of my own lacks

Tolerance for my body’s not being young anymore

Tolerance for general stupidity

Tolerance to know that other people

Do not think outside their own values and expectations

Tolerance in general so I do not the desire to bring the Thor’s hammer, Hecate’s spindle or Taranis’s lightning down on the heads of alleged innocents (but I have my doubts) or have the urge to bite said irritants

Let me be more like Brighid, Quan Yin or the Green Man.

Let me be a healing presence

Let me be a calm presence

Let me breathe

Let me breathe

Let me breathe

It’s supposed to be Day 24 of 30 Days of Druidry

I admit it. I lost steam because I found the topics that are up next spectacularly boring and uninspirational. I see no relevance to my life other than I am a practicing Druid 24/7. I’m not doing anything different because I am a Druid when I’m at work or at home since I live with my sister and we are both pagans and Druids. I think the idea of being a Druidry romantic more than a non sequitor than anything. Why would being a Druid be different? Other than I don’t date non-Pagans. It’s a waste of time and they get jealous of the time you spend practicing your religion.

Druidry and work? Most people don’t know what a Druid does nor do the care and since I’ve already been through some awful times over the label ‘witch’ at work in the past I choose not to go there. Holy Roller Christians at work can be a pain in the butt at best and downright terrifying when they are allowed to run around without supervision from management and I’ve had enough of that.

Druidry and the Enviroment? I have a degree as a Naturalist with minors in Botany, Biology, Horticulture, Geography and Photography and one more I can never remember. I’ve written all kinds of Girl Scout programs on science and the environment for my old now non-existent council. I bore my friends with nature walks and conserve what and where I can with common sense.

Druidry and Community? What community? Where I live? Pagan? Other Druids? I’ll stick to my blog, writing papers for the Pagan Studies Conference and my Grove.

But otherwise not inspired to do much more writing on the “Everyday Life” of a Druid.

If you are a Druid, live it. All the time, period. I need to find some better topics to finish the month with.

24. Everyday Life: Druidry and Family Life

25 Everyday Life: Druidry and Romance

26 Everyday Life: Druidry and Work/Career

27 Everyday Life: Conservation and Environmentalism

28 Everyday Life: Druidry and Community