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The GOP struggles to attract female voters, who are “barely receptive” to Republican policies.

Too bad for the Republicans that women actually have brains

Playing with Geneaology

Okay, I’m excited. I found my great-grandmother’s parents in Sweden. Something I didn’t think I could do. So now I know where she was born in Sweden. Thankfully because she has a unique name combination. Having a much harder time with my great grandfather because there was evidently a name change when they got to the US. Gotta love those idiot customs people. I also found a US Census 1900 where my grandfather is 4 and his younger brother hadn’t been born yet and that Hilda had 12 children and only 5 lived to adulthood. I think it’s kind of neat that they are in the Minnesota Territory census.

Hilda Amanda Augusta

Gender: Kvinna (Female)

Birth Date: 10 jun 1862

Birth Place: Södra Sandsjö, Kronoberg, Sweden

Father: Johan Richard Wahlin

Mother: Lena Andersdotter

Mother Birth Date: abt 1830

Mother Age: 32