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Just saw the world’s dumbest meme picture which I am not going to share from some well intentioned but scientifically illterate person on FB. “A flower is a prayer”. People, a flower is not a prayer. It’s advertising for sex, period. Flowers are nature’s whores. Some are expensive call girls but they are still blatant floozies putting themselves out there for some creature be it, bees, butterflies, birds, flies, moths or any other animal that comes along to please, please, please pollinate me. Sometimes they even pay for the sex in honey or nectar. And then when they get pollinated they find all kinds of ways to spread themselves out all over to do it again. The hitchhike in socks, they fling themselves across long distances. They travel in birds and animals alimentary canals to be self fertilized, They float on water, they stick in fur. Some times they travel on the wind.

A Flower is a prayer, my aunt Fanny!

Day 17 Inspirations – Prayer and Meditation – 30 Days of Druidry


I don’t agree with the Eastern variety meditation. I don’t think you need stillness to reach a meditative state. I think we have forgotten how our ancestors would have reached that state and it wasn’t by sitting still in one place, there would have been too much work that needed doing. Most people in a farming/herding culture such as existed in the British Isles or on the continent would have thought modern meditation pretty stupid. They would have known there are other ways to reach a relaxed and clear mind and it’s very simple. It’s just that most of us can’t or won’t learn to do the things that can get there.

You want to learn to meditate as our ancestors did? Learn to knit, weave, embroider, card wool or spin, weed a garden, hoe a plot of land, plane or sand wood, string beads in patterns, in short, do something that takes your mind off you. Meditation in the Eastern model is too self-centered and quite selfish in a way. It’s all about you. Do something that’s repetitive and not about you. Create something for a friend or someone in need that takes a focus off you. Grind herbs for a tea or a poultice, make a healing salve, doing something that gets the focus off you, you, you. That doesn’t do you or anyone else any good. Make bread or something that has to beaten or worked into submission. Think about the good people will get from eating your food. Volunteer to stuff envelopes for a cause you believe in.

I think any of those things will easily put you into a relaxed state of mind and do more than sitting in stillness waiting for the bluebird of happiness to take a crap on your head.


Yes, I believe on prayer but not the ways of prayer I learned in Sunday School. I tend to follow the Celtic practice of threes and nines and asking what I need to do of nature. I ask it of the things around me not some god on a cloud far away. I ask it of the liminal places and times. When I pray to deity I pray to ones I know well and have a relationship with like Brighid or the Green Man and even then it’s usually for healing for someone else or protection for someone I love.

I also do spells since I firmly believe spells are just one form of prayer. Ask any Catholic what they are doing when they light a novena candle. They will tell you they are praying, any pagan will say when they light that candle they are doing a spell. Spells are just a form of prayer with a physical focus like a candle or a sachet or mojo bag. Intent -> will -> object of focus or intent = prayer for something you want to happen. I laugh when pagans tell me they don’t pray and I ask them if they practice spells or candle magic. Nooooo, they aren’t praying – pull the other one.

So yes, Druids pray and do meditation but most of the ones I know are pretty common sense and grounded about it, We are people of the Earth for the most part after all.