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Day 16 Inspirations: Awen and Creativity

In the Welsh tradition, awen is the inspiration of the poet bards; or, in its personification, Awen is the inspirational muse of creative artists in general: the inspired individual (often, but not limited to being, a poet or a soothsayer) is described as an awenydd.

Awen – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I’m not sure why whoever made the meme said “and” when discussing the topic since awen would seem to be the essence of creativity especially since being creative is inextricably linked to inspiration. No inspiration and whatever you are doing sinks like a hot rock.

Creativity can be a rare and elusive beastie and sometimes just out of the corner of your eye or just out of reach and other times it possesses you to the point you can’t think of doing anything else. I find if I don’t act on an idea immediately it will disappear like a wraith that had never been.

My most creative time of day is right after I wake up because I have often dreamed an idea for a story or a piece of art or jewelry or even a song. I’m someone who likes to create with no one around so writing was a lot easier when I was off work. Now I have to try to focus and do it anyway but that doesn’t always work.

Patricia McKillip has said on her blog that she feels like her characters biographer and I know it’s that way for me. I tell what my characters want to say not the other way around. If I don’t they tend to shut up.

I’m at my most creative when I’m surrounded by nature. When I can hear birds singing and see trees and animals. It’s one of things I’ve loved about visiting my friends in Oregon. Their beautiful house is situated in a forest far from a town and deer come to visit morning and evening. They have birds visiting the feeders and owls in the woods. I have yet to figure out who it is, I know it’s not a Great Horned like I’m used to in the California mountains because the hoot is different from the Great Horned. Not nearly as deep or haunting on the night air.

I guess I’m not far off the ancient Druids who wrapped themselves in skins in caves to compose. I think they were doing the same thing I do, dreaming their composition. It’s when the brain is busy doing something else the creative part sometimes comes out to play. Doing menial tasks like housework or busy monotonous work can free the muse to roam around and bring a new thought.

Creativity can come at the sight of butterfly or at the sight of light coming through a leaf like green stained glass. It can come in the looping flight of a goldfinch or in what a silly mocking bird is mocking. It can come from looking at clouds stream like mare’s tails or in the smell of rain on a hot summer afternoon. It can come from a phrase of music or a line of poetry or story. It can come from trauma, a friend’s illness or a pet’s death. The key is to be open to the will of the wisp. I know I can’t command it to come. It just comes and sits lightly on my shoulder and I am in awe when it does. My heart and hands know what to do when she comes and I let them do their thing.

But most of all I think my creativity is created by love, things or people I love make me creative.

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