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A Gay Dad’s Lesson from His Son Regarding the Hobby Lobby Decision: “Scream Like a Girl”

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“Dad, you are going to need to scream like a little girl!”

My head whirled in Jesse’s direction and my mouth dropped.  Did that condescendingly sexist remark really come out of the mouth of my beloved son?

It was all a part of the things we do for our kids.  It has always been important for me to show up and participate in activities with them.  I know the time is fleeting, and these are the memories that will take them through their lives.  I really never anticipated that this included being strapped to a tower of human torture, specifically, a huge device of  terror called the “Double Shot” at Santa Cruz’s Beach Boardwalk amusement park.  Jesse was eager to go with me and I did not want to deny him this dad and son moment.

The Double Shot is a 125 foot tower on which you and a companion…

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Today’s reading



Queen of Cups

Greeting the dawn, often alone, the heron is reputed to be gifted with psychic perception and reflection.

The guardian of many esoteric secrets, it is said to stand at the gateway between life and death and to act as mediator on the soul’s journey to the Celtic Otherworld and reincarnation.

Drawing this card denotes someone who is deep, wise, knows when to be silent; is psychic, emotional, able to be solitary, but also able to impart wisdom with maturity and responsibility.

Someone able to be still enough to receive gifts of wisdom. Tendency to day dreaming and over-passivity.

4 Druids on the land

I had a wonderful 5 days in Portland visiting friends. We did ritual together for the first time at their house. It was bittersweet because M has ALS and every moment is precious even the most mundane everyday ones are precious. It was wonderful to get to hug and kiss them in person and not as electrons through the ether. We made Di a Companion in the Grove and when she’d had a day to process that we did her Bard consecration.

We were blessed with deer wandering through with their fawns and birds that were singing from the time before sunrise to the chorus at sunset and an owl to let us know he was there through the night. We were surrounded by lovely big trees and enthusiastically blooming plants. We harvested thimbleberries and blackberries and the first blueberries in the garden. D & Di got the garden fully weeded and got the weed cloth down.

We kind of outnumbered poor Di at rituals. 3 Arch Druidesses to one dedicant is a bit much but it felt so good and was so magical, hopefully we didn’t totally overwhelm her. We alternated ritual nights with Despicable Me and then Despicable Me 2 after some hilarity when we first got there. My phone went off and the ringtone is the wedoo wedoo alarm from Despicable Me 2 and then some kid was doing it when we went to Red Robin for lunch after returning the rental car and then at our Target stop, another kid was doing it and DI and I were in hysterics over it. D &M live ½ hour from markets and shopping if you want more than a carton of milk so we were hitting all the necessary stops. I got new purple tennis because all I had were work moccasins and we were going to do a lot of walking around their property and some gardening. The choice was between ones with 2 colours of bright purple and orange and purple and since I loathe orange except in plants, I got purple. I also had to refill a prescription since my payday came the day we flew but as usual Target in Van Nuys couldn’t get their shit together and we had to go back the next morning. I’m going to have to start going to the Target by work for prescriptions again because the one I’ve been going to has congenitally stupid people. They get a good person and then they leave and the stupid ones tend to stay.

We then made a surgical strike on the market, 10 minutes to get the groceries because we looked at our cell phones and it was almost time for M’s caregiver to leave. We did it! Yay for us! And finished with a swing through the drive thru Starbucks in Hillsboro by then we were getting loopy. Amazing how the road back was so much easier than the night before in the dark in a rental car. It was like driving to camp with the lack of street lights in the woods. Thank heavens for Mapquest directions because cell phones don’t work out there, therefore no GPS. Yay for the printed directions. Boo for hard to see tiny street signs in the middle of nowhere.

The next morning was back to Target for the prescription and a few more things from the grocery section and a stop at the biggest Dollar Tree I have ever seen. It was 3 times the size of ours. We had way too much fun in there considering I wanted just batteries for my camera and their Sunbeam batteries work just as long as Eveready and Duracell and are a lot cheaper. We got glow wands with butterflies for ritual and fairy wings to add to the haul of faery stuff we got at the dollar section of Target. Never let the Fae or part Fae near the shiny stuff. Di and I made D & M wear the wings and use the purple fairy wands we got at the beginning of Despicable Me 2 in an homage to “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. (If you are too young to know what happens in a midnight showing of Rocky Horror do the research.) M looked quite fetching with the wings fastened to the back of her purple wheelchair.

Then we were off to Home Depot to pick up a really cool round fire pit from Home Depot while I ran in to the bird feeder section. I wanted to get some of those socks filled with nyger seed but they didn’t have them so I got a bird bell instead. D & M have hummingbird feeders and a suet cage and I wanted to get something to bring more birds to the windows. M can’t really get out much so I thought we could bring even more birds to her. D found the finch socks somewhere else the next day. Hopefully, they will all expand M’s world a bit more.

I was just there in the beginning of May and now there are a completely different set of plants in bloom. Who knows what will be in bloom in September. It will be interesting to see.

We had the Bard ritual outside on the tiny flat bit of lawn they have and were blessed with a tiny herd of deer as we were starting. Daddy only has 4 points but he was still the head of the herd. He had 2 does and a fawn in his entourage and the fawn hid behind him at one point. It was so nice to do ritual on the land. It felt right and good. It was wonderful.

The next morning we had to leave and we really, really didn’t want to go. It was sunny all weekend. Most of the last time I had been there it rained but Oregon showed its pretty face this weekend. Made we almost want to move there but they still have rain there and snow and this old arthritic isn’t wild about snow. One winter in 1975 was enough for me. I hate being that cold especially my feet.

But I really miss my anam caras, mightily especially right now.