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This old trout gets crabby and has a rant

I’m going to talk about fashions in paganism and I don’t mean the ones you wear. Currently appearing compulsory but totally unnecessary to the actual practice of any pagan path are the God-phone, God Spousing and Veiling. Give it 10 years and no one will probably know what the hell you are talking about when you mention them.

Because to anyone who has been in the Craft, on the path or any other way of expressing it over a long period of years, (30 for me) there are things that become fashions and then are forgotten. As the pagan community got hooked up to the internet the problem seems to have been compounded. After 30 years I can only say, Oh My Goddess, Really!!!!???? There is nothing new here, and nothing to see, please move along. It’s the usual bunch of people trying to make their practice seem more holy than everyone else’s is and it is bunk.

We all have our own relationships with deities or not as we choose. Personally, having a deity pay attention to you can be as annoying as that friend you have that is constantly texting you when all you want to do is have a little peace. It can also be physically dangerous if you stupidly let them in, like deciding to roll you down a hillside into a creek. Turn off the phone and do not answer the text.

When I came into the community, there were different fashions such as the guided meditation where everyone got a message from the divine and everyone had to share afterwards what alleged journey they went on. A lot of people are liars. Especially the one that has an elaborate story and you knew for sure that they had been snoring through most of the meditation.

There the ones that showed up in the long flowy gowns and resembled Ophelia in a bad Shakespearean production and you wondered how they didn’t catch fire during ritual and were too holy to actually do something practical like start the damn fire or clean up the area. They still are around and you know who you are. There were the “I’m scarier than you” Crowley wannabes. Really? No one cares. There were the men and sometimes a few women that were drooling at the nubile young innocents and thought all pagans were into “free love”. There were the “All natural” group that didn’t bathe and subsisted on tree roots and nuts. There were the ones with absolutely no sense of humour and it was all just soooo serious. All of these still exist in small pockets, some more annoying than others.

All this too shall pass away for some new idiocy that will spread like wildfire and just serve to make some people feel left out. Ignore them, they will go away. Do what makes you feel like you are on the right path. Do not tell people how much more meaningful your practice is than theirs and do not for a minute believe they have the one, true and only way. The only one, true and only way is the one you choose for yourself, subject to change without notice. YOU are your best spiritual authority and no one else. Deal with it, that is any pagan path, no matter what some self-proclaimed teacher says. Even me.

Today’s reading


King of Stones

The prehistoric horse, common in Europe until about 10,000 BC was depicted frequently in paleolithic cave art.

The Uffington white horse chalk figure once held a long barrow in its mouth, representing the breath of life and pro-tection of the dead. The 30,000-year-old carving of an unshod hoof is thought to represent both the vulva (the beginning of new life) and the primal footprint that shows the trackway through the forest.

Choosing this card signifies a positive change in one’s life. A horse is a psychopomp – an animal that carries one between the worlds, bringing new life, the joy of the reborn sun. Perhaps there has been a fallowness, or an unhappiness in your life that will now begin to thaw.

A person who is reliable, wise, practical, able to help others with problems; both serious and playful, magical and grounded. They have their feet on the ground and their head in the stars.