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So, how’s that vote on Scottish independence coming?

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Say what you will about Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond, there’s no denying his political instincts. Salmond’s most recent blast at David Cameron, which appeared yesterday in The Independent, suddenly takes Cameron’s recent battles with the European Union and attempts to turn them into a reason to vote Yes on the Scottish Independence motion on 18 September of this year. Salmond’s argument is really quite clever. Cameron, of course, has been using the potential threat of a possible British exit (“Brexit”) on the back of a proposed referendum within the UK on continued EU membership—in an attempt to get the EU to adopt some pro-British reforms. Salmond has taken Cameron’s implied threat and is now going to use it against him. As it turns out, this might be an argument that works. Scotland is considerably more supportive of EU membership than is the whole of the UK, as…

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Knight of Cups

Salmon are sacred in most shamanic systems for many reasons, but their ability to swim upstream to their birthplace and spawn is one of the most remarkable. This journey leaves the salmon exhausted and most die in the attempt. Representing, therefore, self-sacrifice and wisdom, salmon were said to swim in pools overhung by hazel trees and to eat the nuts falling off in autumn.

This card denotes someone whose life serves a greater purpose, someone with perseverance, determination, self-sacrificing and wise. Could have a tendency to martyrdom – to give away too much of one self

Day 10 Spirits of Place – 30 Days of Druidry

Day 10 Spirits of Place – 30 days of Druidry


Since I’m sitting in one of the most beautiful places I know and that I have been allowed to get to know over the last few days, let’s talk about spirits of place. Every place has its own personality and spirit and if you have allowed yourself to be sensitized you can always know that personality and given enough time be allowed to be part of the spirit of the place.


I’ve been visiting two of my best friends with a third friend up in Laurelwood Or on their land. It’s my second visit and if I didn’t have such bad arthritis I’d really consider moving up here to be near them.


I have a habit of walking onto land wide open and shields down to see if I can see what the spirit of the land is and the spirit of this land is old and comfortable with itself. It at one point seems to have been logged since there are no old growth trees there but since then as become a safe place for wildlife and my friends.


In the last few days I’ve been able to watch deer and hummingbirds, Stellar jays and grosbeaks, heard the hawks, harvest the blueberries, walked in tall and small trees and among wild sweet peas. This land is at peace and happy.



I’ve worked at camps that didn’t look much different and felt horrid and had really bad summers. Camps where things didn’t go right and people couldn’t get along and the spirit of the place was really unhappy. One would think thousands of happy campers would have changed it or lightened the spirit but it hasn’t and I’ve worked at camps where the minute you hit the land you know it is happy and content and as much a part of the camp staff as any pool director or camper and I’ve worked at camps that had protective spirits that watched over everyone and everything at camp where nothing bad really ever happened and everyone was aware of the spirit.



All places have spirits, not all are necessarily accessible. Cities have spirits. London is not LA and LA is not Portland and Portland is not New York and when you land in any of those places you know it by feel if you admit it or not. I hate the way NY feels. It made me want to leave the minute I got there.



So how do you let yourself find and listen to the spirit? The same way you open yourself in a ritual to your friends. You do it in perfect love and perfect trust and the land will feel you and either welcome you or not. No matter how much you may want it, it’s the lands choice to accept you, not yours.



Sit someplace outside if you can and let the walls down. Let the land in. Let it wander around in your soul and if it accepts you, you will know. If it doesn’t, at the least you will feel uncomfortable and at the most, the pressure to leave it will be enormous and you won’t feel that you can stay.



Breathe in the place, see who lives there, who welcomes you. Be one with the spirit of the place you are in.