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Day 6 – Daily Practice – 30 days of Druidry

Day 6 – Daily Practice 30 Days of Druidry

In DCD there is no set ritual for daily practice except that which you design and commit yourself to do. I rather like that because it doesn’t make me feel guilty the way a strictly regimented and mandated practice can if not done and I know other Druid traditions do have daily rituals people are “supposed” to do. I don’t do well with anything I’m "supposed" to do.

That being said there are things I do every day. I do them because they work and I find it keeps my stress levels in check.

It’s easier when I take the bus every morning to do these than when I drive. It’s about a ½ mile walk to and from the bus to home and another ¼ mile from the bus to the front door of work and I usually walk somewhere at lunch even if it’s to Starbucks to fill my only vice there, a Grande in a Trente glass of unsweetened black tea. I’ve found a straight Trente ice tea without dilution does a number on my stomach and I swore I would never be one of those high maintenance people with the half caf, soy latte with a gazillion pumps and sprinkles. Oh well!

Anyway, on my walks I try to open my self up to what is there. Are there birds? Who are they? What do I hear? What is the weather doing? How does the air smell? What are the animals doing? Is the baby squirrel out? Has the mama duck let her 9 little girls go out on their own? Can I hear or see the peregrine falcons that have taken up residence on the top of the building? How annoyed are the ravens that also live there become today? What is my world doing today?

It’s a walking meditation with my eyes open and totally grounded and centered and aware. It is not the check out and be quiet kind of meditation. One has to move to do it. One has to be in one’s body and using all your senses. If I’m at home I go out in my garden and do the same sort of things. What is blooming today? Who is telling me they need water? Who is saying “I’m getting too much sun or not enough”? Has the adolescent raven been kicked out of the nest by mom and dad? Are there hummers and butterflies in the yard? Has anyone new visited? Are the gnomes happy or do they need a move? Is it time to weed?

Sometimes I’m inspired to write one of the prayers I post or do some drawing. Sometimes I take my camera out and explore the world. To take a good nature picture one has to be calm and centered and aware of what is in the lens as well as being willing to entertain surprises. Taking pics out in the wildlife refuge is a meditation in itself. One has to be calm for the deer and the bunnies to be willing to come out or the heron to pose and look at you.

Everyday can and should be an adventure and in order to have an adventure one must be open to them happening. That’s what daily practice enables you to do, be open to the sacred moments in life and to be able to really see them.