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Day 4 The Elements – 30 days of Druidry

Day 4 The Elements

Yeah I skipped yesterday as there wasn’t time to write. The Celtic/Gaelic mind favours triads in just about everything. Sayings, time of day, just about everything that was important to life including the elements.

I don’t use the Wiccan/Ceremonial magical constructs of the four elements. I was trained in a Scottish tradition called Haedery that used 3 elements for women and 3 for men and when overlaid create a 6 pointed star. Although lately I’m contemplating adding spirit which would create a 7 pointed star also known as the faery star.

Women are the element of Water, Earth and Air and men are Fire, Earth and Air. So women do not have Fire as an element and men do not have water. Together so women are uisge, talamh and gaoth (literally, Wind).

The directions are not the same, North is Air, West is Earth, South is Water and East is Fire, which actually makes sense when you think about Scotland. The North wind comes down out of the Arctic, the Sun rises in the East, Tir na Nog and the other lands are all in the West and South is water. So women are North, West and South when you call the directions. Men stand on the outside and call their directions.

But life is composed of the four elements and these were well known around the ancient world because there was communication and it would seem obvious that life was composed of the four and that we need them to live. Food comes from the Earth whether by planting a seed or tending an animal or hunting for you dinner. One can’t life without water to drink and we’re all a lot better if people use it to bath. One of the reasons the English allegedly hated the Scots was the Scots bathed and the English didn’t. And the Scots could smell the English coming. Traditionally one bathed in cold streams and it was considered healthy. I think I prefer warmer water. I have bathed in a stream that was pure snowmelt and it took hours to stop shivering but I did get my polar bear club card. We all need air to breathe because the lack there of is immediate loss of life and Fire was protection from wild animals, warmth in winter and in the snows and it cooked the food.

Tradtionally, you invite the elements and or the directions but you do not dismiss them. That is considered rude. One doesn’t invite guests and then turn around and tell them they need to leave. It’s considered rude to dismiss the corners and you would no more be rude to the element than to the fae that are sometimes associated with them.