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Day 1 – 30 days of Druidry

30 days of Druidry

Okay here starts the 30 days of Druidry. I reserve the right to change the topics for the days because they are based in ADF and I don’t practice ADF Druidry. I find it too confining and not in accordance with a lot of historical background such as even having a Cosmology topic when there is no creation story that can be verified for any of the Celtic/Gaelic peoples but we can talk about that tomorrow.

Day 1 What is Druidry?

For me, I think it some ways I have always been a Druid. My grandmother, who if you asked her would have told you that she was a Scot and a Presbyterian in that order, is mainly responsible for that. That and my parents encouraging me in every urge to explore the natural world that I could through books and trips and museums and botanical gardens, aquariums, and walks in wild areas and summers sent to spend with Grandma when mom couldn’t stand me anymore after I got out of summer school.

Druidry is to me, the knowing of my place in the world and where I fit in to it. We all have a place in the world whether we know it or not. Religion and or Spirituality is the quest to find that place and if you are clergy, it is the ability to explain, discuss or just talk with others about it.

Druidry is knowing my heritage and my family stories. Knowing both the famous and the infamous bits, events and people and how they all made me, me. It’s knowing the Scots and the Swedes who came before me and constructed my family to be the people they became. It’s knowing the history of my people’s and how they came to be the feisty, recalcitrant, intelligent people they are and were and knowing that this generation will be the last for both sides of my family. There will be no more Sjobergs and Robbs of that ilk, (bloodline).

It’s knowing the spirits of place in the place I live now and have lived my entire 60 years and being able to make contact and communicate with them and to have the tools to visit other places and to make contact with an open heart with them.

It is knowing my neighbors on this planet that have fur and feathers and skin and me being me knowing their names and what they like and don’t like and for the ones that live or visit my yard, to be able to care for them if they need it. Caring for my garden, and inviting the bees and butterflies, the hummingbirds and the ravens, the squirrels and the possums in and to be welcome. (The skunks can visit, I’d just rather not be aware they were there. It’s knowing that others less visible visit and stay. The ones you can only see by unfocusing or out of the corner of your eye and leaving them offerings.

It’s knowing and making stories and music and poetry and art and the sharing of it. It’s creating in every sense of the word and sharing those creations that should be shared.

It’s knowing the seasons and the holidays, knowing the natural cycles of the land where I live and celebrating them. It’s being able to walk in harmony and delight and the sights and sounds and smells of anywhere I am. The pleasant and the unpleasant. It is knowing I am one small animal in the grand scheme of things and knowing I am not the star of this play but just a bit player among other bit players in this production.

Druidry is all those things and so much more as I move through each day I am allotted here.

Today’s reading


Nine of Wands

When nearing the heart of a sacred quest, motivation and integrity of human desires are challenged. Ancient wisdom demands the seeker be humble and forgiving.

Approach a sacred place or a sensitive person with consideration and honour. Respect the need for privacy.

Ensure your own boundaries are protected, respect the value of your own space.