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Gone to the Dark Side

The Kindle really is the Dark Side, LOL! I used to only be able to afford one or two physical books at a time every pay check or every other pay check depending on how tight the money was. Now I can literally or virtually get books for $.99, so for the price of a paperback at around $7.99 I can get 8 books instead of one and that doesn’t count the books I’ve gotten for free or downloaded from the Los Angeles Public Library e-book collection.

I’m at 75 of my 150 book challenge. Last year I couldn’t finish but I’m 5 books ahead of schedule and I may have to up the challenge amount again. It’s increased my reading speed and I’ve been riding the bus so that’s 45 minutes each way of reading time. Although on the way home I have to make myself stop reading at least 2 stops before my stop after the night I looked up and we were pulling into the Red Line station and I’d missed my stop and had to ride Orange Line back. That was a bit embarrassing.

And that doesn’t count the games and the writing I can do on it and work every day. It’s a good thing we don’t have wifi at home or I’d be watching tv on it too all the time. It’s bad enough I found out I could download Cosmos and Mythbusters and Elementary.

My eye doctor said she wished all her patients would get one because you can make the print any size you need and you can adjust the brightness. She thinks it’s a lot easier on people’s eyes than reading in bad light or giving up reading because the print is too small. I think my dad would have liked it. When he got macular degeneration he had to stop reading and he was a lifelong reader and since he was also deaf, he got locked in a world with none of the things he enjoyed. I think he died sooner than he would of if he could have continued to read. After he couldn’t he sat in his chair and waited to die after large type books just annoyed him.

Kindles are evil but I’m not giving it up for nothing since I can edit my books on it too. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Blessed Summer Solstice!


Searching For Brigid

I usually party like a rock star for solstice (fire dancing, anyone?). But, since I’m fighting a pretty wicked migraine right now – and I can tell it’s only going to get worse – my partying will be pared down to baking.

Here’s one of my favorite solstice cookie recipes…. It’s sort of a lemony sugar cookie deal. I’m hoping to bring some in to share on Monday.

AND … I’m in the process of converting it to GF (my sister has a good flour mix).

Happy Summer, everyone!

Summer Solstice Cookies

3/4c softened butter
2c brown sugar
2 eggs
1T lemon juice
2T grated lemon rind
2c sifted flour
1c finely chopped pecans. (optional; walnuts or dried cranberries work, too.)

Cream butter in a large non-metallic mixing bowl.
Gradually add the brown sugar, mixing well.
Add eggs, lemon  juice, and rind, then mix well until mixture is well blended.

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