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Three of Wands

Nourishment from a spiritual source that gives inner and desires reached, making life rich with emotional completion. … the blessing of fulfilment.The healing radiance of t after a loving polaric interchange.

This energised peace does not require another perso after an act of Creativity or Joy.

Magna Carta – a feminist charter?

The Templar Knight

There’s been plenty of talk in the UK about the 799th anniversary of Magna Carta this month – with the 800th anniversary looming next year. Politicians have been banging on about the need to use this ancient document to re-instil “British values” in our multicultural land.  The thing is – if any of these parliamentarians actually took the trouble to read the document they claim to know so much about (prime minister David Cameron famously couldn’t translate the latin when asked to do so on the Letterman show), they’d find some very surprising things.

For example (with supporting quotes):


(7) At her husband’s death, a widow may have her marriage portion and inheritance at once and without trouble. She shall pay nothing for her dower, marriage portion, or any inheritance that she and her husband held jointly on the day of his death. She may…

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