Archive | June 12, 2014

JPL Open House

If you live in Southern California and are a science geek, this is one of the most fun things to do in the area. It used to be in June but they have moved it to October. You come home with tons of cool free stuff. You get to go through Mission Control, All their models of their space vehicles and satelites are on display plus all their current projects. They have special guests sometimes like Bill Nye, The Science guy. They have all kinds of talks and lectures and they welcome questions.

I highly recommend it if you love science or are just curious about our world and others.

Prayer for a Mercury Retrograde

Goddess, give me the strength and energy to survive

This Mercury Retrograde

Give me the patience of water wearing at a rock

The quick relentless energy of the red squirrel

The stick- to-it-veness of a lichen

The intelligence of the blue whale

The ability to rise from the mud of a lotus

The impassiveness when dealing with rude, stupid people of a redwood

The strength of an oak tree

The force when necessary of an octopus

And the ability to adapt of a chameleon.

Give me peace

Give me grace

Give me calmness in the face of exaggerated crisis mode

On the part of others

Let me be grounded

Let me be flexible

Let me have the ability to let things pass around me

And on to somewhere else

Goddess help me.

The Maleficent Rape Scene That We Need to Talk About

Any one who has done any research about the history of the story behind Sleeping Beauty knows that the original story is worse than Disney portrayed and that she was the fairy who was forgotten because she was the oldest fairy and all the other fairies forgot she existed. And that death is a gift and long life isn’t necessarily a gift.