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LBWS Summer Solstice Womenspirit Faire –

After not having a Winter Solstice Faire we had a great reboot. It was the best Faire we’ve had in a long time. We had a lot fewer vendors but I’ve thought for a long time that we had too many and they weren’t pagan enough. All the vendors wanted to be there and we had a lot of different readers and energy workers as well as several pagan authors including myself.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. It started with the usual June gloom and then the sun came out and as the Faire opened a Great Blue Heron flew low over the Faire. A blessing from Laura’s favourite bird. It was the perfect amount of warmth with just enough breeze.

I shared a table with fellow Fellowship of Isis Arch Priestesses and Arch Druidesses, Linda Iles and deTraci Regula and Linda’s husband Jeff.

Linda’s book is on Bast,

deTraci has several books”

She had her book on sistra and their uses on Saturday plus a lot of really cool sistra. I’m afraid I can never buy one because I have yet to find one that doesn’t hurt my ears. One of the peculiarities of going deaf is that some sounds have become painful and I find that a sistrum and most rattles do bother me.

We also had pagan authors, Karen Tate, Denise Dumars, Ruth Barrett, MaryScarlett Amaris and attending were Tony Mierzwicki, author of books on Greek and Egyptian craft and my photography buddy at these events and Barbara Ardinger who has a great book called Secret Lives. Check them out if you need something to read. It was kind LA Pagan authors day. Ruth Barrett also did a wonderful set of her music and other traditional pieces in the morning.

We were afraid we wouldn’t have a lot of turnout because of the hiatus but we had lots of people in the afternoon. It was nice to see everyone. I had a great time collecting hugs from people I hadn’t seen in ages. Helped calm down the stage fright to a manageable level that and a bff arriving with her two boys. It’s easier to read the stories when there are kids there because then I can read to them and not worry about the adults. Kids like the stories or not but they don’t judge the storyteller just the story. I read a Druid Prayer and Twas the night before Beltane and three Littlest Druid stories. I have to admit much as I love BunniHoTep, the Littlest Druid is the closest to my heart. She is the most like me. And I have to admit some of my experiences sneak into her stories and they don’t in any of the others.

I took lots of pictures but I got home and I had missed several people I wanted to get pictures of, hopefully they will be at Winter Faire.

I’ve said it before Faire always seems to be a place of truce and between the worlds. People that have active disagreements seem to drop them at faire and sometimes even mend them. It’s a happy place. My first lover showed up with her wife whom I was delighted to meet. I think I’ve seen her once in the last 20 years. Another ex showed up with her partner too and a friend that didn’t know our past and I said something about it being ex-lover day and I guess she had some fun ‘splaining to do on the way home about lesbian culture, oops!

Anyway, I had a wonderful time and it looked like other people were too.

Beach Hair DIY

As an LA native who hates what happens to her hair at the beach, why you would want stiff nasty beach hair is a mystery to me. The first thing I do after we do beach rituals is take a shower. Who wants an itchy head?

Today’s reading


King of Stones

The prehistoric horse, common in Europe until about 10,000 BC was depicted frequently in paleolithic cave art.

The Uffington white horse chalk figure once held a long barrow in its mouth, representing the breath of life and pro-tection of the dead. The 30,000-year-old carving of an unshod hoof is thought to represent both the vulva (the beginning of new life) and the primal footprint that shows the trackway through the forest.

Choosing this card signifies a positive change in one’s life. A horse is a psychopomp – an animal that carries one between the worlds, bringing new life, the joy of the reborn sun. Perhaps there has been a fallowness, or an unhappiness in your life that will now begin to thaw.

A person who is reliable, wise, practical, able to help others with problems; both serious and playful, magical and grounded. They have their feet on the ground and their head in the stars.