Archive | June 6, 2014

There is a poll up

I just put a poll up and I’d appreciate answers, please. I was thinking of doing a small book of pagan/ druid prayers. Mostly nature prayers in the celtic style I use. It would be illustrated with some of my drawings from nature.

It would be on Kindle and I was thinking of making it available for around $5.

Does that sound interesting to anyone?


I swear I get more nervous before I do a reading than I ever did before I sang in public. Between deciding what to read and what to wear I go a little nuts. I decided to read a few different things that aren’t in books and I may read something from Miss Kat’s School of Genteel Witchcraft just because I never have.

I think I’ll read a couple of Littlest Druid stories from the next book I have to finish the illustrations for and maybe Aurelia makes a friend and learns a lesson and Matadalon learns to change.

The other problem is deciding what to wear. It has to be comfortable because I have to wear it all day at the Faire and it has to at least look a little professional writery if that makes any sense at all. And it really doesn’t. Anyway It means laundry tonight, unless I find something suitable at Target at lunch.

I already downloaded most of the stories to my Kindle because I think it will be easier to read from than the flipping pages thing I usually have to do and it made it easy to deliver my paper when I put my paper on it at the Pagan Studies Conference back in February because you can adjust the type size and the brightness which is really difficult to do with a paper book.

I hate stage fright.

Last time I went with the beat poet look. Who knows about tomorrow.