Archive | June 3, 2014

Dangerous day

Free books available on Kindle, followed by Kindle singles may be the death of me yet. I’ve spent the afternoon queueing up free books by P.G. Wodehouse and G.K. Chesterton, now I just have to download them onto the Kindle. And my Wish List may implode from all the short stories I added to the list. Now I just have to convine my bank/credit union to allow me more than 10 transactions in a day. Stupid rule that I have pointed out many times to them since Kindle bills separately for every damn Kindle purchase. Arghhhh!

The Big 60

Every first of the month for a few days our systems go down so that it can pay all the commissions and adjustment. So the longer it goes on the longer we struggle to look like we are actually doing something without being caught doing nothing. I suspect if the PTB ever catch on they will find there is a lot of online shopping or prepay day shopping going on. I had stuff to do yesterday because I saved all the irs and ftb levies envelopes from the whole month to do. It took 4 hours and then they were done.

I am being pestered by Leonard, one of my characters , to start writing but it really isn’t fully formed enough to commit it to electrons, yet… I’ve added a bunch of things to my Amazon Wish list because you can’t add kindle stuff to your shopping cart to hold for when you can buy it but you can add it to hold on your wish list. Pay day is Thursday and Friday, I’m going to be in trouble. I already added a bunch of free P.G. Wodehouse to download and read.

Yesterday was my 60th birthday. I think it’s the first birthday since I was a kid that I looked forward to and I can’t really say why. Sure, it’s a milestone but all birthdays are milestones but I hated 30, 40, 50 so why makes me happy is a bit of a mystery. I have a job which I didn’t for the 6 preceding birthdays. Those were bummers. And it’s not like I had any money to throw around but Alison got me a present for the first time in years, the next NCIS season we need to watch and two mylar balloons which I always have mixed feelings about because one, helium is a finite resource and is running out and two, those damn balloons tend to be used by ghosts in our family to communicate like damn Ouija boards. Depending on who it is, it’s unnerving at times and annoying at others.

My phone is off until Thursday when I get the first part of my paycheck so I can’t answer all the birthday wishes I got on Facebook. Luckily I can still post some things on WordPress due to the lovely dedicated email address you can have for updating. Otherwise I’d go completely crazy. I can only read the posts other people do if they post the entire post to their email and don’t do a cut. Bummer.

The only word that got to me yesterday was sexagenarian, Yikes! True but still Yikes! Not quite ready for the early bird special but I’m sooo taking them up at the Museum when we go on the Senior Discount. A lot of nice people were surprised at my age here at work. Not because I really do anything to prevent it but I have goof genes, neither my mother or grandmother had a single wrinkle other than crow’s feet and laugh lines when they were 80 so that isn’t in my control but I’ve also never been a smoker. I tried once and everyone took them away from me because it looked like a baby trying to smoke and they hated it. I’ve never really been a drinker. I drink tea and not coffee which allegedly has some aging properties. And I’m terrible about remembering sunscreen and I worked outside every summer from when 1975 – 1984 at high altitude and I live in Southern California and have since birth. I’m a dark red head and I’ve had more sunburns than I’ve had tans. I should be loaded with wrinkles but I’m not. My hair in the last few months has really started to go gray but most of my family and younger friends are more gray/white than me. I’m just going to accept it even though the more that comes the more I look like a dandelion or Einstein. The damn stuff floats but it’s going to be cool when it’s all gray since I still have the baby face. I’m thinking I may need to stripe it with blue or purple or green.

I decided I need a new tattoo. I got one when I was 40 and I got one right after Cam died and I had just turned 50. I think I’m going to get a partial bracelet of oakleaves, acorns and a center flame. (For druidry and Brighid) High enough that it won’t show under a button down shirt but low enough to still be a bracelet. I just need to draw it. My rule is if I can’t draw it, I can’t have it. It has to be my design although the bear I got for Cam I borrowed from a friend with a few changes.

So Onward I go!