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For Laura

"To Isis, Wings – En Iset, Denhwy" from Offering to Isis by Isidora Forrest,

Open Heaven’s Gates, draw back the bolts
We have come to sing for Isis!
We have come to praise Your Name, O Flame!
We have come to adore the Great Speaker of Spells.
How beautiful Her Face, happy, renewed, refreshed
As the day Her Mother first fashioned Her
All Praises to the Queen of Heaven and Earth.
All Hail the Goddess Isis
All Hail Laura

Missing her a lot today, has it only been a year? How beautiful Her face, indeed!

Dear Evangelical Ministers

Many times when I put the prayers I write to be used by other druids and pagans as well as myself, in daily practice, I get an influx of evangelical holy roller ministers as followers. (I can tell by their bible hammering “about” pages, I am not impressed. As Shakespeare said,

“The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
An evil soul producing holy witness
Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
A goodly apple rotten at the heart.
O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!”

And you as far as I’m concerned are evil because humans are the creators of evil and thieves are evil)

I have no clue why but I wish you would go away.

And I would like to say to those ministers if you are using any of those prayers as your own in a Christian church, I hope you get what you richly deserve for stealing other peoples’ work. And if you are using those prayers you sure as your hell, better be crediting them as having come from a pagan and a Druid and an Arch Druidess at that.

If you are stealing them, shame on you. Your middle eastern, social climbing, war god says he is a zealous/jealous god, depending on the translation of the Hebrew word. He won’t like it.

My subtitle is “Turning people into toads is redundant” for a reason. It’s also demeaning to poor toads. So you holy rollin’ evangelical ministers that are hard up for inspiration, either become a Druid and follow the Goddess of inspiration, Brighid or find your own inspiration somewhere else. You are pathetic.

And if you are seeking converts, that ship sailed long ago and it ain’t comin’ back to the dock, ever…

Today’s reading



Seven of Wands

A time to make decisions and priorities. Focus on what you really need in your life and what it is timely to cut away.

Regrowth is fertilized by the ability to utilize. …cutting down dead wood, and pruning to enable better future growth.

It is time to take action in order to clear outworn modes of behaviour from areas of your life.

A clarification, a paring down of intention. The fire purifies negativity, transforming the energy.