Dandelions In My Mouth!

Dandelions are my friends.  They always have been.  I’ve never understood the hatred some direct towards these most wonderful, helpful plants.  Sure, we gardeners don’t want them crowding out our other plant allies, but we should accept and embrace their tenacity in our lawns.  They are full of nutrients, possess healing qualities, and are entirely edible!  Furthermore, for someone starting out foraging, they are one of the easiest plants to identify.

Since Bealtaine, I’ve taken several opportunities to further experiment with the humble yet lovely dandelion.  Their young leaves are excellent in salads and stir-fries (though be prepared for bitterness), and their dried roots are an excellent coffee substitute.  But I wanted to try more.  A previous year, I attempted to make dandelion jam and  failed miserably.  I want to try again when I have less baby to chase, but I came across some other excellent recipes to try that…

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