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Not All Men explained

Feminist Philosophers

If you’re like me, you have sufficiently hip social media contacts that you see the new memes fairly early on, but are not yourself sufficiently hip to always know right away how to parse those memes. Indeed, if you’re like me, you’ll need to see a couple of tokens of a new meme-type before you even realize that it is a meme-type.

Such it was for me when I first saw an instance of the “Not All Men” meme on a friend’s Facebook wall. It might have looked something like this:

The Kool-Aid man bursts through a wall. In a speech balloon, he says, "Not all men!"

I didn’t get it. Then I saw another instance:

A scene from the movie Jaws. A giant shark rest on the back of a small boat, half in and half out of the water. In a speech balloon, he says "Not all men!"

Ah, a meme. I dutifully Googled the phrase. Here for my fellow non-cognoscenti is the useful explanation of the meme by Kelsey McKinney I found over at Vox.

In brief, the “Not All Men” meme is internet feminism’s response to that inevitable, boring moment in a conversation about gender inequities in…

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Today’s reading


The Stoat

Page of Wands

With a fierce hunting instinct and its ability to live underground, combined with the changing colour of its fur from white to red (the symbols of winte to spring) and its black tail, the stoat has strong mystical links to the sovereignty of the land.

Renewal of an alert determination. Realignment with the sacred will of the land.Secrecy and magical sensitivity. Playfulness. An ability to slip out of situations.

Be here now! Clan Oblivious does not need more members

Are you open or are you closed to what is going on around you? Do you walk around with blinders on so focused on an electronic numbing device or do you actually know what is going on?

I see so many people every day walking around and missing things that fill me with wonder. I watched the people this morning head down with earbuds in, staring at their smart phone. I’m not saying smartphones are bad. I have one. It’s how I post a lot of these blog entries but I am saying put it away or you will miss life going on around you.

While my co-workers walked into the building as members of Clan Oblivious. I saw the seagull bathing in the fountain. I felt the chill morning breeze. I saw the nodding yellow day lilies. I saw a small flock of ducks fly overhead and heard them speaking to each other. I saw the morning clouds of the marine layer burning away in the sun, all in the short walk from my car.

I worry especially about the women who walk around with earbuds on and not aware of what could be watching for an opportunity to harm them. I worry about the idiots who drive with them in and don’t hear the police and fire sirens or car horns. I worry that I’m living around people who are stupid and dumb and deaf to what is happening. There is a reason one of the first things ever taught to me in the Craft was “Be here now!” and it seems a great many people aren’t there. They have checked out of everything.

So today your assignment is to be present in your body and to be aware of your place and time. You were born with antenna tuned to the outside world. It’s how you learned. Time to remember what you learned again after you were born. Be Here Now!