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Morning Orientation

I live in the city. Thankfully Los Angeles is a city that values trees and green things. So at least in the San Fernando Valley where I live there are always trees visible even if they are a much hated palm tree. (Palm trees are not trees, they are large stalks of overgrown grass.)

Anyway this may make being a practicing druid easier, that and the fact that our townhouse/apt has a large garden.

I work in a large office building out in Woodland Hills and either take the bus or I drive but I do one thing every morning to orient myself. I go out the front door and stop just for about 30 seconds and breathe. I look at my garden. I look at the sky. I listen for whatever bird or animal is making sounds. I feel the air on my skin and I just let all my senses reach out for a bit. Then if I’m walking to the bus stop I can stay in that frame of existence until I get there. If I’m driving I divert my attention to what I am supposed to be doing.

I find if I don’t do this every day before work I get a little crazy from being inside.

Is the climate change fight better off without Joe Q. Public?

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If climate change was shifted to the backburner, fighting it might generate less opposition.

Global warmingIn an opinion piece at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Dawn Stover recently wrote:

Apparently most Americans have not only lost interest in learning about what’s happening to our world, but are actively repelled by the very mention of this world.

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