Yeah, a win for activism! I wrote the Director who sponsors the gay employees association. He hadn’t known about the team using the Twinkie Defense as a name. He got a hold of the Diversity people and they are going to do some education on the people that named their team the homophobic slur and get the name changed.

The old activist war horse is happy now. I came out in 1979, 10 years after Stonewall. I marched in my first Gay Pride parade about a year later. I am a child of my time period. I did the March for Women’s Lives ,, in 1986 with 30,000 of my closest friends in the pouring rain. We all wore white so it looked like the world’s largest wet tshirt contest by the time we got back to our cars.

I have marched in anti war protests, I have marched for women’s rights and gay rights but in 2014, in a nationwide company that is largest healthcare insurer in the country that makes a big deal out of saying that if people are out and comfortable they lose millions in work productivity, I would not have to make a stink about something so stupid.

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