Dispelling the Myth About the “Gay Gene”

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Guest Blog by Joni Bosch

Many times I have heard people dismiss the idea that sexual orientation is not a choice by saying “there is no gay gene.”   Well, not so fast, since there is probably no straight gene either. The statement itself actually displays a serious lack of understanding of genetics.

I currently work in the genetics clinic doing follow up care for patients with known genetic diagnoses. I am not a geneticist nor am I a genetic counselor. But I would like to try to explain a little of the complexity of genetics. I hope that understanding a little more about the complexity of it all might help when dealing with people who think they have a trump card in their “no gay gene” declaration.

You probably remember something about Gregor Mendel and his peas. He helped clarify one type of inheritance—recessive and dominant. If you inherit a…

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