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Dispelling the Myth About the “Gay Gene”

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Guest Blog by Joni Bosch

Many times I have heard people dismiss the idea that sexual orientation is not a choice by saying “there is no gay gene.”   Well, not so fast, since there is probably no straight gene either. The statement itself actually displays a serious lack of understanding of genetics.

I currently work in the genetics clinic doing follow up care for patients with known genetic diagnoses. I am not a geneticist nor am I a genetic counselor. But I would like to try to explain a little of the complexity of genetics. I hope that understanding a little more about the complexity of it all might help when dealing with people who think they have a trump card in their “no gay gene” declaration.

You probably remember something about Gregor Mendel and his peas. He helped clarify one type of inheritance—recessive and dominant. If you inherit a…

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Dark and light and what if they aren’t the same for me as for sighted people

"Themes for Current Pagan Studies Conference

How do we interpret the Darkness? How do we imagine and reimagine our relationship with the Dark? Are there treasures hidden in the gloom, or are the shadows themselves treasures? Can monsters be gifts? How do we address the relationship between Darkness and Light?"

What if you don’t see the world as light and dark? Yes, I’m having a problem with this one. As a person who was born blind, I don’t view the world in whether something good or bad is dark or light. When you are blind other than the weird colours that sometimes project themselves on the back of your eyelids you are quite literally in the dark. And in fact when I got the bandages off after my surgery the first time and the doctor was sitting there in with his bright flashlight it was light that was painful and therefore bad. (and still is a personal 10 out of 10 on the pain scale)

I don’t judge people that way, never have and never will. I judge people by how they sound and feel. Is your voice and what you say discordant or not in congruity with what you are presenting to the world? For me, people have music and they have texture. Some people are sand paper and burlap and some people are velvet and soft rose petals and some are just bland and inoffensive. I think the non –congruity bothers me more even than someone who feels like burlap. When the first 7 years of your life are spent in the dark, dark becomes welcoming and safe because you can’t see what might bother you. You don’t necessarily want to turn the light on and see the cockroaches climbing the walls and scattering across the floor.

A lot of people hide what they present as themselves but I think it’s much more difficult to hide what you feel like to someone or how you sound and some people just sound like big old loud donkeys and not musical at all. These are not restful people to be around.

So I really am having trouble with the concept of light and dark equaling good and bad because it doesn’t mean that to me and doesn’t feel “right”. Dark is comfort, dark is safe. Dark is refuge. Fearing the dark is for people who ‘have’ to see.

A prayer for friends

I thank the Goddess for friends

I ask that they be blessed everyday

I ask that the lessons they learn be gentle

I thank you for love

I ask that the ones that have passed on

Know that they were loved

I ask that those here know

That they have left their mark on my heart

Everyday and everywhere I go

I ask healing for those that need it

I ask strength for those who need it

I ask endurance for those who need it

I ask that I be open to friends I haven’t yet met

I ask that I not forget those

That are there quietly in the shadows

I thank you for the love in my life.

I thank for love in my life

I thank you for love.