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Note to self: Forget about noise cancelling headphones.

Apple’s earbuds are too big for my ears which can be really annoying so I’ve been wearing external earphones that wrap individually on each ear, like these:

They are kind of a pain because there is no good way to keep them from being a tangled mess. So I ordered some that advertised they were for small ears and they are but they are also “Noise cancelling” I have Meniere’s disease and will eventually go deaf and several people have suggested I try the noise cancelling type.

I just found out I can’t use them. They make me fell deaf which would sound like an oxymoron for headphones to make you feel deaf but they due. They make my ears feel like I’m sitting on the bottom of the pool with a bathing cap on and trying to hear something on the surface. It creates a really uncomfortable pressure situation in my ears. I took them off and I still feel them. It’s annoying enough to have Meniere’s of which a symptom is pressure in the ears from fluid but to do it intentionally , hell NO! I’m afraid I’m going to have to take my Benedril to make the feeling go away. Nasty!

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