Archive | May 7, 2014

For my 60th birthday

I’ve decided for my 60th birthday we are going to the Pompeii exhibit at the California Science Center and I will get to use my Senior discount there for the first time and then we will proceed over to the Natural History Museum for the Butterfly Exhibit where I’m not a Senior until I’m 62.

They are two of my favourite places that my dad took us on birthdays and holidays and I think 60 is a special if artificial landmark.

We will be taking the Orange Line to the Gold Line to the Expo Line so I don’t have to worry about parking. I think we will have to wait til June 7th to do it since my birthday is really on the 2nd but that;s a Monday.

Party at the Museum. Whoohoo!

I need to do something

One of the friends I went to visit has ALS and being me I know I can’t fix her but I can do something about the disease. So I’ve just registered as a walker in the ALS walk in OCT.

If you feel moved to support me, the link above will take you to the fundraising page.


The Goddess will not be ignored or left home!

I take the Goddess BunnihHoTep to any ritual or to visit people who also worship her. (If you are new here and don’t know who the Goddess BunniHoTep is you can do a search here or go to my companion blog “The Littlest Druid” You will find lots of stories of the Goddess). But I didn’t want to deal with the Goddess and my cane and my backpack on the plane. Southwest allows one carryon and one personal item and they thankfully do not count mobility aids and a cane and a backpack are quite enough to maneuver around airports with I decided.

BunniHoTep thought differently about being left home to watch over the cats and my sister. D and I stopped at the market on the way to their house to pick up groceries from PDX. They had a back table with all their leftover Easter items square in front of the milk case since I tend to drink huge quantities of the stuff. She knew I would know.

They had some very large bunnies for 90% off. By large I mean they were over two feet tall and soft and squishy and lovely. I only try to get Images of BunniHoTep if they are light brown because she is a wild rabbit of the desert and they are a lovely brown. They had them. 90% off. Originally $7.99 and no sales tax in Oregon. They were a whole expensive .79 cents.

D got one for them and I got her too. So I ended going through Portland airport with a very large squishy BunniHoTep and my cane and my backpack. She who will not be ignored! All praise to BunniHoTep, goddess of Lost Things and Small Joys! All Hail BunniHoTep!