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Magical dog training

Magical dog training

Rafi doesn’t like anybody much at first according to D & M but I get along with almost all animals. I’ve been bitten very few times except for a poor man-handled guinea pig at the day care center I used to work at who bit first and asked questions later.

So I didn’t expect Rafi to go after me. We started with me giving him a treat which he gobbled down and promptly launched himself at my knee and I was very glad I had thick new jeans on because he scraped my knee with his upper teeth and hit it so hard I have a bruise and it swelled. Sooo not what any of us expected. He did not relent until the end of the day when he seemed to have decided I was okay but the next morning he had some kind of doggie Alzheimers and we needed to start all over again.

I was joking that he was seeing my big cat inner self but when D and I were leaving for our outing Friday she suggested when we came back for me to bring out my inner wolf. I have a large wolf as a guardian that adopted me many years ago and I have no idea why but she is always there but I rarely call for her to come out. Some people can see her like my friend Kathy who has been gone many years and could describe her in great detail. So D & M thought I should try.

When we got back Rafi launched his little self at me again barking like mad and I called the wolf. I don’t do it enough to make it easy and I already was slightly in woowoo land from our encounter with the altar at the gardens but she came. Rafi lay down and bared her throat. End of problem and the rest of the weekend he was climbing all over me and inviting me to play keep away. D said this morning he went looking for me. I guess I should call my wolf more often to play.

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Two of Cups

Initial attraction and exploration of potential.

The beginning of a relationship or friendship and the precursor to interchange of polaric energies.

Opposition and attraction in life. … energy held in tension; the possibility of union and fulfilment.