A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to the “Christian” Man Who Would be America’s First Presidential Monarch

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Darrell Trigg, author of Developing a More Effective Prayer Life:A Practical Approach, has declared his intentions to run for President of the United States of America.  He will run as an independent, but in the future will create the Christian Political Party.  If you haven’t heard of him or his intentions, don’t feel bad.  In terms of his real objective and vision, he is not actually running for President.

He really wants to be our King.

The monarchs of old saw their leadership ordained by God, their authority blessed and their decrees sacrosanct and immediately actionable.  Mr. Trigg’s view of himself coincides, as he states, “He has revealed Himself to me spiritually, and in physical ways such as I have no doubt  that this is his calling for me,”  and “I have no doubt that Christ has revealed Himself to me, to be the next President of the…

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