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A Gay Dad Sounds Off About the Iowa Moms and an Unthinkable Tragedy

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As a gay dad, I have heard the words a thousand times.  “A child is better off with both a mother and a father”.  The statement always baffles me. Certainly, no two sets of parents of any make up are identically equipped, so is the theory that any opposite sex parents are better than any same sex parents?

The anti-gays claim that to be the case.  Right wing spokespeople have gone so far as to declare that even orphanages are superior to same sex parents.  The Catholic Church has previously declared that same sex parents were doing “violence” to the children in their care.

I don’t believe my life supports the concept.  I have two sons.  Each was born to a heterosexual couple and due to personal issues, each of them would have died had they remained with their birth parents.  That is not conjecture, that is fact.


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