Archive | April 1, 2014

Don’t be naive – the pagan community has always had pervs

I’m kind of surprised at the level of astonishment at Kenny Klein as if he was the first pervert paganism has ever had. The people expressing it are either willfully naïve or damned stupid. When I came into the pagan community there were a lot fewer men and most of the organizations were run by women. And a lot of the men who came into the pagan community were of the “free love” variety and expected women to be loose and free with their favours.

There were men we regularly warned each other about. At Harvest Moon we had some presenters that are now pagan elders that were handsy to put it mildly. One with the initials of AK used to be so dumb about lesbians he would hit on any woman near him including those of us in short hair, vests and ties who only really associated with other women there.

There was one guy who was a member of CES (Church of the Eternal Source) who offered to have “lesbian sex” with me because he was really a lesbian. This after telling me he had 9 piercing on his dong. And he was hairy enough to be a bear, nice guy but the answer was still a big “NO!”

Or the anonymous guy who during the pass of the kiss in a mixed ritual passed me the tongue. When I complained to the ritual runners, I was told to “lighten up”.

Or the pagan elder, with the initials OZ who volunteered out of the blue to me that he’d didn’t like lesbians because we weren’t “available” to him. Like I would want to go near the old goat.

Or the man who beat up the head of a pagan organization and then after a TRO still kept trying to come to the events because he hadn’t really meant to send her to the hospital with a broken eye socket.

Or the alleged leader of a coven who threatened me with death by spells when 2 of his students took my Wicca 101 class because of an ad in our Pagan Digest and who used to hit on every young thing that went to any event. He tried it on me the first time he saw me, he offered to teach me the Ogam pronounced completely incorrectly and who backed off me when I lectured him on correct Gaelic pronunciation of the Ogham. I told the runner of the coffee house we were having events out and thereafter got an escort to my car and it was a good thing I had because he was waiting in the dark by my car and three very large pagan men threatened all his lives and he finally stopped but he knew where I lived and that really scared me for awhile.

Yes, there have always been some wonderful men like Patrick McCollum, one of the first men I met and who I dearly adore and Pail Beyerl, Scott Cunnigham and Dennis Carpenter and others that were pretty wonderful but sometimes it’s the pervs you remember at a festival or event. It keeps women from attending when they have a bad experience but they often go home and don’t tell anyone it happened.

We knew about Kenny after he beat up Tzipora and she had to flee to us but we kept it secret because she was going to a women’s shelter and you did not give that away and I wouldn’t have said anything now except that Tzipora has now said something. I feel bad that we didn’t say something but we were bound by a promise.

So all this oh, no we have pervs in the community is a bit late and stupid. They have always been there and you are walking around with blinders if you think pagans are any different from the rest of the world. We are not a place of eternal good and fairy dust. You still have a responsibility for your own safety and if necessary, the women around you.