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Ancient Norse Women – Warriors, Housewives, Poets and Priestesses

Metal Gaia

peter-nicolai-arbo-ingeborg (2)

There is still much about the Ancient Norse People that we do not know, so much of our current information is an attempt to fill in the gaps (since the Vikings did not write down their history and the Christians destroyed much of their existing culture). History becomes a guessing game where modern day people impose their fantasies and longings upon the past. Some of these fantasies imagine a place where every woman is a blonde haired vixen with a pointy helmet and a chain-mail bra, smashing through the faces of her enemies with sword in hand. Fantasies on the other end of the spectrum paint a picture of a male dominated society where all men fought glorious battles and women existed as mere prizes to be won.


(Very practical battle armor)

The truth is much more nuanced. Not all men fought battles and not all women had a specific…

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Throwback Thursday – Just a little late


A day at Camp Singing Pines after my lover tried to run me up the flag pole for running her underwear up it. It’s her fault she made me promise before she left on her day off not to do it. So I got a CIT to do it instead. It was too bug a challenge not to ignore. 

What you can’t see is me trying to remove the wedgie.