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About what I would expect of him

Prominent Pagan musician arrested on child pornography charges

This really doesn’t surprise me at all since I really haven’t liked Kenny since we had to provide shelter for a woman that he was in a relationship with that he beat up. When I was on the Pallas Society board we got a phone call since she was fleeing clear across the country to get away from him. She stayed a week or two before going home to move out of their place and start a new life but that was it for me.

We’d had he and his partner as a presenter and performer for Harvest Moon before and we fell in love with her, him not so much because there was something about him that always struck me as off. Maybe it was the subconscious realization that I saw the same thing as in my father but I didn’t like him

Laura had him as a featured performer at Faire a few times and he would always try to make nice with me and I couldn’t figure out if he recognized me or what but I couldn’t do it. I always got away as soon as he could but Kenny Klein is not a nice person.

Yet another reason to hate the BMI

Feminist Philosophers

According to The Metro , this elite female body builder was told by an NHS nurse that she needed to start dieting immediately and get more exercise, based simply on the fact that her body mass index (BMI) classified her as ‘overweight’. She was at the medical clinic to get contraception, and had not asked for any nutrition or lifestyle advice.


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WordsDay: Thomas Jefferson – Benign Anarchist

Progressive Culture | Scholars & Rogues

“I am an Anti-Christ/I am an Anarchist…” – John Lydon 

American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson (image courtesy Wikimedia)

Joseph J. Ellis’s excellent study of the character of perhaps the most beloved and certainly the most enigmatic member of that group that we think of as the Founding Fathers, is called, aptly, American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson. Ellis’s work is not a biography of Jefferson (he readily admits that there are thorough multi-volume treatments of  Jefferson’s life that are, for all intents and purposes, definitive). Ellis tries – and in large part succeeds – in pursing another, certainly elusive, goal: an explication of Jefferson’s character.

Like any human, Jefferson was a person of contradictions and inconsistencies – as Ellis illuminates in this work. What originally attracted Ellis to this project, it seems, was not the desire to point out Jefferson’s flaws but instead a sincere…

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