An interesting day

Today was The day. I had my second surgery in two weeks. First came dental surgery and I survived with the help of lots of ibuprofen. 

Today I had the cysts removed from my left eye. I look like I’ve been a very bad fight. I have a black eye and my upper and lower eyelids are swollen bloody messes. It’s going to be fun at work tomorrow!

Anyway, it mostly just stings and is a bit blurry at the moment. Hopefully, I can sleep comfortably tonight.

But the good news I survived and I’m fine.

4 thoughts on “An interesting day

  1. I’m glad you are ok. I must have known that today was today, because I was looking at your FB page a little while ago wondering when your surgery was. Tell you co-workers that you got into a fight in a biker bar, and you should see what the guy who lost looks like! 🙂

    Seriously… I’m glad you are ok.


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