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Book Clubs are not for serious readers

Really? You’re Not in a Book Club?

I have no desire to join a book club, ever. I will discuss a book I have read but most book clubs read books I consider stupid and that includes Classics and the worst are anything Oprah put her seal on. They are very rarely intellectually challenging and have low vocabulary needs. One of the reasons I love science fiction and fantasy is they use words well and assume you have the intellectual capacity to look it up if you don’t know it. Yeah, I’m a book snob and not ashamed of it at all.

If your book club is reading something such as The Notebook, like a book club at work was I will be running very far away from you. I have a very eclectic reading list but I assure that is a book that will never be on it. I admit I like cozy mysteries. They are my junk food reading when my brain gets tired at work but I also usually have a few other books I’m reading at the same time. At the moment I’m reading Cokie Roberts’ Founding Mothers, W.B Yeats’ Celtic Twilight, rereading Frank MacEowen’s Mist Filled Path and Mary Daheim’s, Alpine Xanadu. I’m 6 books ahead on my Goodreads yearly book challenge, Thank you Kindle!

If you want to see what’s on my to-be-read shelf you can follow me on Goodreads, I only have about 293 books on it. I have decided to swear off reading the fiction reviews because a lot of people who write them are idiots. Well, maybe not idiots but they are not writers and have no understanding of how a writer’s brain works and have mini temper tantrums when a writer has a character do something they don’t like.

A writer, Patricia McKillip says, is a biographer of the characters in their world. You often write what the character says and it has often nothing to do with what you planned for the story. I know Patricia Cornwell and Laurell K Hamilton feel the same way because they have said it on their Twitter accounts. The characters refuse to go along with the program if you write something they don’t like. Sometimes other characters barge in line and start yelling, “Me first! Me first!” so when some idiot says something like “ Oh, I don’t like what she had that character do”, they need to know the author may not have had a say in it if she wanted to finish the book.

Sometimes the characters even change the ending on you or won’t tell you how it ends until they are ready to end the book. If you don’t, the characters will shut up and not talk or let any kind of creative flow happen. You can tell if you read certain authors who has characters they listen to and who writes by rote or plan. Those are the books that don’t flow such as anything by Patterson but then he doesn’t write his books anymore, they are all ghost written to a formula he sends out. Cheating, if you ask me. It’s why he is no prolific, he isn’t writing them.

I might participate in a Pagan Book Club if they are reading stuff that isn’t 101 level but that rarely happens or they read some darn Llewellyn book most of which I don’t like with a few exceptions.

So, join a Book Club, not this puppy, I’m too busy actually reading.

FYI: I feel the same way about those book faires that come to work. They only have trash for non-readers.

Today’s reading


The Hermit

The time of The Hermit is here. Whether he appears in the guise of an outward guide and mentor or simply as a state of mind, you will know it’s time to withdraw and rest.

After a long journey through the forest many emotions and experiences need to be absorbed. This absorption is the beginning of understanding -not just yourself, but the universe.

For each person The Hermit comes in a different way. Whether through meditation or solitude in the mountains, whether though simple prayer or the taking of a holiday in solitude, he will light your way to the doorway into the heart of the great oak and the cycle will turn once more.

The Hermit requires contented solitude to re-establish their every day life after the disruption of Samhain.

This is not lonely isolation but a stable base from which to visit others.

This time away from hectic activity enables you to explore interests in depth, use your talents (Skill, eight of stones) and draw together all you have achieved and desired throughout the year. (Hearthfire, eight of wands).