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I’m am not going to be noble about that piece of shit, Fred Phelps

There are a lot of very noble posts at the moment about how the LGBT community benefited by Fred Phelps and his evil band of minions and that we needed a good bad guy to rally against. What I wonder is how many of those people have ever been face to face with those people when they were spewing their hate?

I have been and as far as I’m concerned that hate monger can go to a very desolate awful place to spend eternity and that it has a big mirror so he can see his face.

I’ve marched in Gay Pride parades his people were at and to anybody in the least sensitive to energy it was horrifying and nasty. It made you wilt inside even when you knew you hadn’t done anything wrong. You KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that these people were ready to stone you to death and dance on your maimed and mutilated body if they could have been allowed to do so.

Their faces were so mutilated from constant hating you wondered if they could look in a mirror. They were ugliness in flesh. They used their voices and their signs as weapons and they were very clear that they meant to use them in that way. One time one lunged at one of the guys and then when we stood our ground he asked the sheriff nearby to cite us and for him to protect him from the evil faggot and dykes and the sheriff turned and told him to shut up and that he was going to arrest him for inciting a riot and not protect him because he would deserve whatever he got. You know what we were doing that got him so riled up? Singing “Jesus love me this I know.”

So I will not forgive or forget Fred Phelps and his evil family of every bad minions. I don’t think he made the world a better place and I hope he meets his God on the other side and his God sets him a place deserving of him. The world is now a much better place without his hating little self.

Today’s reading



You must be balanced and patient. The time is right to rest and contemplate all the facets of your existence. To continue now you must be still and calm.

Finding the inner balance that will enable you to see beyond the present state is a process of trust and confidence in your own strengths.

These facets may include the parts of your psyche that you would rather not deal with, but no amount of denial will rid you of the needto absorb and reclaim them.

Balance is absolutely necessary to free the inner self from the fears and self-doubts that keep us spiritually deaf, dumb and blind. Once the natural state of balance is achieved, the plateau that will give you access to the higher self will be open before you.

Drawing this card can indicate a new harmony in your relationship or in a friendship.A creative phase in which you will blossom. An inner balance.

All dualities of light and dark, fire (red) and air (white) land and water, active and passive, are blended together creating a new third force -the green and fertile land, the person in balance with themselves, who is bothgrounded and creative, (Creativity, three of stones) and who radiates that energised peace (Fulfilment, 3 of wands) generated by someone at one with themselves.

Three has always been a very sacred number, representing creation, i.e., one + one = another. The fleur-de-lis, iris or flag, in flower this time of year is a symbol of the three-in-one, the three worlds unified.

Drawing this card can indicate a new harmony in your relationship or in a friendship.A creative phase in which you will blossom. An inner balance.