A Gay Dad’s Requiem on the Death of Fred Phelps


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ImageI have been fighting for LGBT rights for a long, long time.  Fred Phelps was not always in that fight, but it feels like he was.  It feels like he has always been and always will be anti-gay hatred personified.  

He was not a contributor to the hardest time of that fight which was not the recent battles for marriage equality.  It was during the escalation of the AIDS crisis.  While so many of my wonderful friends became instantly sick and dying, the public landscape was filled with squeaky clean looking politicians and evangelicals who casually ignored or demeaned us.  Our challenge as a community then was not to be embraced or given equality, it was to gain a modicum of dignity and respect.  He was inspired by that lack of respect and sought to capitalize on it.

The nineties arrived with progressive gains were in process, still painfully…

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