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Poppy’s Seeds Academy

Great idea


poppy's seeds

Wonderful News! We are moving forward with Poppy’s Seeds Academy. A Modern school for Modern witches where we Nurture the growth of your spirituality by teaching you the whys and the hows of the old ways while helping you find your own path.

If this is something you might be interested in please sign up through this link

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Stereotypes and the first laptop

Feminist Philosophers

An interesting article over at the Atlantic on how gender stereotypes and the keyboard might have made it more difficult for the first laptop to catch on.

‘This is an amazing fact. We had this product. It was designed for business executives. And the biggest obstacle, one of the biggest obstacles, we had for selling the product was the fact — believe it or not — that it had a keyboard. I was in sales and marketing. I saw this first-hand. At that time, 1982, business people, who were in their 40s and 50s, did not have any computer or keyboard in their offices. And it was associated with being part of the secretarial pool or the word processing (remember that industry?) department. And so you’d put this thing in their office and they’d say, “Get that out of here.” It was like getting a demotion. They really were uncomfortable with…

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A Gay Dad’s Requiem on the Death of Fred Phelps


evoL =

ImageI have been fighting for LGBT rights for a long, long time.  Fred Phelps was not always in that fight, but it feels like he was.  It feels like he has always been and always will be anti-gay hatred personified.  

He was not a contributor to the hardest time of that fight which was not the recent battles for marriage equality.  It was during the escalation of the AIDS crisis.  While so many of my wonderful friends became instantly sick and dying, the public landscape was filled with squeaky clean looking politicians and evangelicals who casually ignored or demeaned us.  Our challenge as a community then was not to be embraced or given equality, it was to gain a modicum of dignity and respect.  He was inspired by that lack of respect and sought to capitalize on it.

The nineties arrived with progressive gains were in process, still painfully…

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Today’s reading – nothing like an earthquake to breathe life into you


Breath of Life

Ace of Arrows

The Uffington chalk hill figure breathing the vitality of life -a renewal of vitality combinedwith knowledge of where you wish to be and how to get there.

Tender and gentle love that revives one with the ‘kiss’ of life.

Renewal of inspiration, a reconnection to life, truth and wisdom, spoken from the horse’s mouth.

A prayer for St Patrick’s day

art by Joanne Colbert

Dearest Brighid,

May I keep my mouth shut today and not tell people “pog mo thoin”. Let me allow ignorant non-Irish to pinch me and not punch them. Give me the inspiration and the grace to be a person of peace on this day celebrating a misogynistic, intolerant, old Scottish troll. Help me not be tempted to take the hammer of your forge to the unsuspecting heads of the annoying.

Lady, give me strength of character not bludgeon people with history and let them keep their drunken hysteria.

So mote it be! Lady, please give me peace.