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Pagans need to knock off the idea of celebrating Lent

I’ve seen some pagans writing about Lent? Really? Why Lent has no place in a pagan practice. There is no reason to abase yourself or deny yourself. All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals? Remember? Maybe it’s because I was raised in a Presbyterian household that considered anything that smacked of Catholicism evil. (We were taught in Sunday School that Catholics were evil idol worshippers and that the only way to the Father was through ourselves, that we needed no intermediary like a priest. We should confess only to god.) The old Scots in church would have been horrified if someone even mentioned it.

So there was no fish on Friday except by accident. There were no religious observances on the liturgical calendar from Christmas until Good Friday other than normal Sunday services. So the idea of celebrating Lent is a no go right from the start.

Why does any pagan need to feel that they have to give up anything? That’s a Christian idea not a pagan one. I see too many people who can’t seem to leave Christianity in the rear view mirror. The idea that all goddesses/gods are one is a Christian one. Any ancient polytheist would be totally confused if someone said that Brighid and the Morrigan and Aphrodite were really one. I don’t think so.

Why, oh why? Are pagans doing their best lately to take their Christian brain-washed selves and Christianize anything pagan? I’m sure it’s to make themselves comfortable but it isn’t correct or right. It’s no different than when some people are afraid to come out so they call themselves bisexual as a way to ease into the idea of coming out.

Knock it off and grow a brain and stop trying to neuter pagan ideas.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

I salute the beautiful, intelligent, competent, courageous women in my life now and forever.

I thank the women who came before me that paved the way.

I thank my grandmother for her bravery and letting me know I could do anything I wanted

And who stood as an example by going to Alaska during the Gold Rush at the age of 16 in 1906

Who was a member of Los Angeles’s Friday Morning Club, the first women’s club in the US

And got her college degree from what is now UCLA in 1910

I thank both my mother’s Grandmothers and their mothers who packed up their families and moved their families from Sweden, and Canada, Northern Ireland and Scotland

To new countries to start over and make new lives.

I thank my Great Grandmothers and Great-Great Grandmothers on my Dad’s side who had to move to Illinois because they were Abolitionists before the Civil War

I thank them for getting teaching credentials and teaching in one room school houses in the early 1800’s.

I thank Mary Katherine Goddard, the only woman signer of the Declaration of Independence because she had the courage to print it and proudly signed her name at the bottom as the printer.

I stand on those women’s shoulders and try to lift other women up.