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Rant on the egregious use of the disabled stalls

I have never had much patience with people who play the disabled card, that being said now that I use a cane some of the time, I get really pissed at all the women at work that think the disabled stall in the restroom is for them. It really pisses me off when I end up doing the peepee dance while some idiot changes her clothes or is pursuing heavy meditation while speaking on the cell phone.

I’ve even asked them what their disability is and one woman just thinks that’s hilarious. Meanwhile I’m on the verge of wetting my pants. And not only do they use it when they shouldn’t but they leave it messy. I don’t want to see a used tampon dropped on the floor when you could have put it in the bin or your used tp or how the heck did pee get on the seat and on the floor?

Disabled stalls are for people who have disabilities. The seats are higher and the bars can really help when you need to have help lowering or lifting.

A disabled stall is not:

A changing room

For meditation exercises

Because you want more room

It is not a cell phone booth!

It is for people with disabilities or who are pregnant or who can’t maneuver well.

And why is it usually the little teeny short women who want to use it? It’s 2 inches higher and your feet don’t reach the ground.

If you don’t need it for what it was designed for GODDESS DAMN YOU! DON’T USE IT!

Stepping gingerly off my soap box….

Flameshift for Susan & Mary and anyone else

Every day and every night that I say the geneology of Brighid
I shall not be killed
I shall not be harmed
I shall not be put into a cell
I shall not be wounded

No fire, no sun, no moon shall burn me
No lake, no water, no sea shall drown me.

For I am the child of Poetry,
Poetry, child of Reflection,
Reflection, child of Meditation,
Meditation, child of Lore,
Lore, child of Research,
Research, child of Great Knowledge,
Great Knowledge, child of Intelligence,
Intelligence, child of Comprehension,
Comprehension, child of Wisdom,
Wisdom, child of Brighid.
Carmina Gaedelica edited by Lunea Weatherstone

May my words be as considered as poetry,
May I reflect on all I do or say,
May I meditate on those things important spiritually
May I seek to know more of the lore
May I research what I am curious about and what will enable me to grow
May I seek to know great knowledge,
May I acknowledge the intelligence of others
May I comprehend what I seek to learn and apply those lessons
May I know that seeking wisdom is not the same as being wise.
May I be a child of Brighid.

SelfBlessing is by me

Brighid, bean-oirdheirc
Lasrach grad
Fetaim lasrach soillse
Thoir cuireadh sinne
ris a’ bheatha

Brighid, Sublime Woman
Quick flame
Long may you burn bright!
You give us the invitation
to life everlasting

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Today’s reading


The Adder
King of Wands

At this time of year adders represent serpentine Earth energies rising from the ground into the air and intertwining, as male adders struggle for dominance. (Sometimes this is mistaken for a mating ritual.) They also represent magical power, balance and the healing arts.

Raw and potent sexuality. Earth or healing energies expressed and recharged. A healer.

A rebalancing and re-empowering of one’s physical and subtle energy and creativity.