Archive | February 24, 2014


My brain is very good at spotting patterns. It’s just the way it works. Every month we get an error report that is a report of the policies that for some reason did not pay commission and this month, it was a huge amount. Partly President Obama’s fault for his incessant rule changing.

We use a main frame to do most operations in the company. This is normally a better system all around because among other things it’s not as easily hackable as a Windows based system but changing one piece of data can cause a huge cascade of errors. When changing several pieces of data it becomes an avalanche. At the moment this means I have 2500 separate policies to ferret out the errors on and figure out how to fix them. It’s gotten so after a few months of doing this everyone else waits to see what errors I spot and figure out the fix for them and everyone follows me. Brave, silly people. Until this month it was only about a hundred each to fix. They had to run the error report three times to get the numbers this month and I think there still might not be a complete report.

Anyway, I have a brain that spots repeating errors and wants to go back and fix the part the caused it. I’ve been asking our Director that handles the main frame for us a lot of questions and telling her what I’m seeing. What I can’t understand is how everyone else can just fix one error at a time and not see that there are patterns of errors created by certain things happening in the system and not report it or even notice it. Why am I the only one that sees these things?

I suspect that the same thing that causes me to notice patterns and follow them is what had me reading at 3 since I always followed Mom and Dad when they read to us and before we hit school Mom read to us at naptime because otherwise I didn’t nap and Dad reading to us at bedtime, again because I was not a good sleeper and was virtually nocturnal for most of my childhood. Still am for that matter. If I’m off work for more than 3 days my body clock resets to night time meaning awake time.

I just can’t figure out why I’m the only one who sees these things and mentally sticks each error and its solution in a separate mental bin. How can you not see the same mistake over and over and not want to fix the root cause?