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Target Scales Back on Health Coverage
What they don’t say is that they move people to part time so they don’t have to pay them more. Target is a bunch of cheap lowlifes who have been devaluing their store stock and buying cheaper goods all the time. From the towels that used to be a lot better quality to the bags they give out at checkout, they are slowly turning into Walmart .

My sister just lost her health coverage which they did not pay her enough to use since they had huge copays to discourage usage.

A Prayer for the sights of the coming of spring

I see the signs of the approach of spring

And I ask its protection through the day

From red sky of this morning

Through the warm day and the coming of soft night

Until the morning’s return

I ask protection from

The song of the mockingbird

The laugh of the raven

The peeping of the returned bushtits

From the bridal veiling of the flowering pear trees

And the snowy white drifting of falling petals

From the sight of the new budding on the sycamores

And the sweet scent of the blooming osmanthus

From the soft pink lushness of our camellia

And the fractal petaled whiteness of the white camellia

I ask this protection from morn to night

Through dawn twilight to the night’s beginning

And to the next morning.

Today’s reading



Two of Stones

Mad March hares `box’ for domination.

After finding your grounded energy, a position may be challenged.

Learning to deal with rivalry or adversity.

Confrontation, manifested tensions, rivalry, arguments, that are often not well founded, but they need to be bridged before you can move forward.