Archive | January 15, 2014

It’s the season

Brighid watch over us

May your flame light our way

Through the night

Through the storms

Through our tears

May your waters sooth and heal

Heal our hearts,

Heal our bodies,

Heal our minds.

May your forge make us strong

Strong enough to fight what needs to be fought

Strong enough to accept what can’t be

Strong enough to stand under the burdens we accept

Brighid, we burn your flame

We drink from your well

We are strong when we are weak because we have your blessing

We drink from your well to be healed

We walk in the mist following your footsteps.

We carry your flame with us and give to all who need it.

Brighid, we are your flames in the world.


Guilt is not a Pagan Virtue

I’m always surprised that there are so many blogs that deal in absolutes when it comes to Paganism because the truth about Pagans is there are no absolutes.

There are no rules that say you must always do this or you must always do that. There are no altar or spell police. To a new pagan it adds to the burden of learning a new spiritual practice a load of guilt when they can’t or aren’t able to do something and it needs to stop.

There is no one way to set up an altar. There is no one way to do a spell. There is no one way to worship a deity although keep in mind you have free will and just because a deity says so doesn’t make it so. (That takes Jean-Luc Picard)

The only real absolute in any kind of Paganism is, wait for it… DO YOUR OWN THING! That’s right, you are the arbiter of your spiritual practice so you are able to decide the correct candle colour for the spell you want to do or to pretend that a white candle is all colours (because it is) or to decide you don’t want to use or need a candle at all such as right now in California when it’s high fire danger. A battery operated tea light can work just fine if you feel you must light a candle. Or you can use none at all.

So all you helpful Hannahs with your 101 level blogs, please stop saying you must do anything because it isn’t true and if you have the kind of HP that says that I’d question them carefully about why they are saying it. HPs are not perfect and are perfectly capable of horrendous ego trips and need to be run away from when they behave like that.

I also believe that the only good spell is the one you right yourself, imperfect though it may be. It should be yours and yours alone. Do not pay anyone for a spell. Do not use one from a book or the internet. Write your own for the occasion and from your heart because only you know what you want to accomplish.

So teachers and writers, enough with the guilt trips and ego trips, be done with it.