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Disney appoints a group to determine a new, official Star Wars canon

What do you bet they screw it up? I’m a big fan of the Expanded Universe and this is Disney who doesn’t get why it was wrong to Princessify the Princess in Brave. How are they going to screw up Leia, Han and their kids?

Gone to the Dark Side

I’ve fallen to the Dark Side. I bought a Kindle. I always thought I’d stick to books and while I still love the feel and the use of a good book, or if I had to, use the Kindle software I love my Kindle. I wouldn’t have gotten one but for 2 fortuitous events. One I got 2 Amazon gift certificates for Yule and Amazon offered the Kindle Fire HDX on a 4 payment plan with no interest and the payments are every 90 days. Otherwise there is no way I could have afforded it. If we got wifi at home I’d be in real trouble.

I’ve been a Charter Prime subscriber since they started it because I figured out at the beginning that in some months I had paid the amount of the subscription in shipping fees. They have also done a fun thing in that if you have already bought the physical book it is sometimes available on Kindle from $0.00 to $3.99 which is a lot cheaper than buying another copy if you can’t find it or want to do a quick re-read and you know it’s somewhere in your library but who knows where the hardback is and you want to read the paperback. It also includes any CD of music that you have bought since 2000 as an MP3 free. So I downloaded a bunch of the music I already bought. I just wish it went farther back in time than 2000 since I’ve been buying from Amazon from the beginning especially used out of print books.

I love all the Kindle free books, just about any book pre-1900 and a lot after, is free on Kindle. I downloaded all the coloured Fairy books like the Blue Fairy book, all the Oz books, the complete works of Rudyard Kipling, a lot of Celtic and Ancient Egyptian stuff, all the Avonlea books, Pollyanna, the complete Sherlock Holmes and lots of classics I’ve always wanted to read like the Scarlet Pimpernel and the Prisoner of Zenda and King Solomon’s Mines. You can roam around for hours in the free stuff. And a lot of books are sometimes free or 99 cents the day they come out. I’m getting way dangerous on that section and I’m confounding the recommendations.

And because I love games I had to download some of those and most of my favourites are also free. I’m currently addicted to Tiny Death Star where The Emperor and Darth Vader have run out of money so they are adding other business to pay for their new Death Star. It’s pretty funny. It has little scenes from the movies with a twist and it’s mostly from the old three like a New Hope and not the crappy newer three. The other is Fairy Kingdom.

The other thing I discovered is I read a lot faster when I’m reading on the Kindle. I don’t know why, maybe turning the page is faster. The Kindle times how fast you read and then will tell you how many minutes left in the chapter or book. I feel like I’m back in SRA training and I keep wanting to beat the time. I also don’t feel bad about highlighting in my Kindle and I feel guilty when I do it in a physical book.

The only problem is remembering to charge it because you don’t have to charge a book to read but I’m loving all the free books. What’s not to like about free books? 148 free books to be exact. Yippee!

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Four of Cups

Lethargy or laziness, locking an individual in a cycle of wasted energy, while all around is the source of inspiration, there for the taking. … apathy… lethargy…, being unaware of the bounty of life around.

Being shut indoors, bored and unstimulated. Pent up frustration. Need to get out into the world.