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After looking at the news I decided I’m very glad to be a California native and likely to stay that way. I’m grateful to my maternal great grandmothers. The Swedish one who decided that after landing in Duluth and learning English said she wasn’t going to live any place colder than Sweden moved to LA early in the last century, per the census before 1910 and my other Scottish Canadian great grandmother who moved here for my grandmother’s lungs on 01/01/1901 when my grandmother was 11.

And to my dad who moved out here to be with his aunt to try earn a living in the Depression sometime in the 1930’s from south west Illinois and stayed to get his degree from UCLA and marry my mom.

Thank you from the bottom of my toes to my hatless head!

Today’s reading



Four of Stones

A newborn fawn shelters beneath a dolmen as the midsummer dawn rises, bringing hope and renewed vitality to the vulnerable.

Shelter and protection for the weak or the spiritually wounded is the responsibility of us all.

Nurturing parental care. A roof over one’s head. A period of stability. Time to foster your tender heart.