Archive | January 4, 2014

Hard choices

Liathfaol is not doing well and I have some hard choices. She has a grade 3 heart murmur, a thyroid problem and a deep infection in the roots of more than one tooth. She is 15 years old and most Maine coons only make it to 12 1/2 years.

My choices are a $400 + surgery which she may not survive and which I would have to get a vet loan for. I could have her put to sleep or I got keep her on pain meds from the compounding pharmacy and let her die naturally or do nothing and let nature do what ever nature will do.

None of them good and my heart is breaking.

Today’s reading



Two of Arrows

False judgement, ignorance or arrogance. Sitting in judgement but with unbalanced scales. The bow lies broken and useless because of prejudice.

The scales of justice are already unbalanced in favour of the light, and the ‘white’. Someone who judges others from a position of arrogant superiority, often stemming from a fearful withdrawn heart.