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Pagan Blog Project – A is for A New Year

A is for A New Year

Every once in awhile your pagan path takes a turn in a radically different direction. This year I have a feeling is going to be one of those years, actually, I know it will be. My coven has basically become non functioning after just shy of the 30 year mark but I was the only one still practicing I have a feeling and maybe B. TOILA’s Hieromum is gone and her guidance will live on as long as we remember it but we are only now learning how big a hole that has left.

Not to mention when you go through any ordination, initiation, consecration of any kind, the goddess has a tendency to say, well you asked for it and lets loose with a set of new challenges and becoming consecrated as an Arch Druidess definitely set up that red flag warning. Duck! Here comes heavy weather. I also got my paper accepted for the Current Pagan Studies Conference out at Claremont Grad School and it’s proving to be a lot bigger than I thought it would be. If you haven’t participated yet, here is the Lesbian only survey: And here is the one for everyone else: I’d like at least 100 response but who knows if I will get them.

If nothing else this is going to be learning experience. What we used to call an AFGE, { (pronounced afguh) another fucking growth experience.}

I also need to finish illustrating the Littlest Druid stories so I can publish the book but I keep writing more stories.

I need to write for some other venues and see what happens and maybe finish “Miss Kat’s School of Genteel Witchcraft or at least update it and get it in book form besides just Kindle. I had finished the project once when my last laptop died and even though I thought it was backed up on my external hard drive it wasn’t, and I’ve had a hard time wanting to start again.

So Muggle New Year what do you have planned for me?

My Liathfaol

I’m in a weird space today. I have to take my kitty to the vet tonight. She’s a 15 year old (we think, she was a rescue kitty) Maine Coon cat. She’s gotten skinnier and skinnier and is slightly senile but at the moment she has the second abscess on her jaw and looks like she has the mumps. I’m scared that I’m going to have to send her over the rainbow bridge tonight if they can’t do something that isn’t outrageously expensive and painful to a cat so old.

Because Maine Coons are so big 15 years is actually pretty old for the breed. They usually live under 12.5 years and she was diagnosed with a mile heart murmur the last time she was in to the vet. She is also getting arthritic but this doesn’t stop her from trying to climb on to things she shouldn’t like my dresser and my altar. She just doesn’t jump to get there, she finds ways to climb instead.

She is a mostly silver tabby with peachy places and peach on her soft tummy. She is the silliest kitty I have ever had. She is addicted to freshly shampooed hair and head sweat. She will get on the back of the couch so she can bury her head and make disturbing sounds if you have just washed your hair. My sister rides her bike to work and wears bike rags under her helmet and the cat will demand the head rag be given to her when my sister comes through the door and she rolls around on the ground with them like they are full of catnip. She also has a bad habit of hunting my hair. Now that it is long enough again to hunt she is back at it. Usually when I’m totally relaxed or sound asleep a small lethal paw will tease out a braid and yank it with one claw hooked into the elastic band. Instant levitation training. She’ll do it while we are watching dvds and not paying attention. She will settle herself on the back of the couch and it will look like she’s decided to nap until she can’t stand the movement of the braid or ponytail and she will grab it with her claws. More levitation training usually accompanied by some yelling. I swear she is laughing at me.

Her name is the Liathfaol which literally means grey wolf, It should be Faolliath but that sounded funny and I could call her Liath which is pronounced leah. TH is usually silent but sometimes has an “H” sound in Scots Gaelic. This because of what she did when she first arrived. Liath came into my life two days after my beloved familiar, Samhain died right before Brighid in 1998. I lived in a mostly lesbian apartment building and almost all of them had cats and I guess they couldn’t stand the apartment with the lights off and the curtains shut and some conspiring was going on. There was a bunch of feral cats around the building that some of the women had been feeding and the morning after Samhain died one of the cats decided to sleep on my neighbor’s car to get warm because it was January. She trapped her and gave her a bath and a delegation arrived on my doorstep to ask if I would just keep her til they found a good home for her. They thought she was an old cat. I fell for the scam and she went it heat about 2 days later after getting some healthy food in her. When I took her in to get spayed I found out she was at least half Maine Coon and a kitten. Maine Coons don’t stop growing for their first 5 years and she had enormous paws.

Anyway, she is grey wolf because when they set her down in my living room she morphed and got wolfish. It kind of freaked everyone out and I named her for what she looked like. I have seen her since as a lynx. She has never been my familiar like Samhain was but she has been my comfort kitty when my dad died and then my little brother and then my mom and my friends since then and whether I have to make the decision for her to cross the bridge tonight or not, she is 15 and it’s coming sooner than later whether I will it or no.