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I found my first book of shadows, highly entertaining

I found my first book of shadows this weekend. It was given to me by a coven sister at the Hallows before our coven birthed itself back in 1986. I was just really getting started and had only been studying for 2 years at that point. It’s pretty entertaining to look back at the readings I was getting at the time for tarot, the I ching, It has my notes from Harvest Moon and the notes I made after a meditation I did with Selena Fox and Dennis Carpenter, I’d totally forgotten what I’d done.

It also has all my first incense recipes from the incense and oils business I had at the time. I haven’t made any of them in forever because I couldn’t afford to and the herb shop that was a few miles from here closed up so some of things might be hard to find. I laugh because when I invented them I did them by feel and I still could do them but much to my partner’s annoyance there are no quantities. I could still do them but I doubt anyone else could. For instance here is my signature incense, Treesong:

Herbs: Rosemary






Oils: Lavendar



Sandalwood is the base wood for burning I never used anything but Sandalwood and Oak and when Sandalwood got hard to find because the good stuff comes from Iraq I used to mix Oak in as half the base. I refuse to use Pine sawdust. And this has to be burned on a charcoal briquette because I don’t put Salt petre in there at all. I also used glass bottles only for packaging because it’s inert. I know it was a ½ or a 1/3 base to herbs maybe a little less but the rest is by feel until it smells right and it takes a few days to age and blend before it’s perfect.

It also has the list of magical names I was trying out for myself before I got a hit in the head from the Goddess about the name I already had the night before ritual and by the way it isn’t elfkat, but I did try on Mawkin, Malkin, Greymalkin, Cacin (I have no idea why that one.) Sekmet, Mau, Bast and none of them worked so it was a good think I paid attention to my dream when the Goddess showed up. As to which one showed? I can’t for the life of me remember and I didn’t record it.

I did write down the bare bones of the ritual and what I had to bring and that it occurred Feb 1, 1986.

Ritual bath – As I recall we did it in age order but whether oldest to youngest or vice versa, I have no clue.


Challenge to the Circle


Tree Meditation

Birthing, tool reception (?) (I think that meant presenting our new tools to the Goddess but…), candles (?) and crown etc measure

Vision quest

Coven birth

Charge of the Goddess

Spiral dance to We are the Weaver


Sharing wine and juice (back when any of us still drank)

Open Circle and sharing milk and cookies for Brighid/Imbolq

It has other stuff in it. Ritual outlines and special one time incenses including one for some one who was almost my lover, she is currently trying on Mormonism. She tries on lots of religions. She says they are very accepting of Mormons, yeah right, like Utah isn’t raising money right now to go back the Supreme Court so they don’t have to have Gay Marriage. I didn’t get together with her partly because of distance, She was in Flagstaff at college and partly because when I visited her something was way off. I later found out she was cheating on me and using cocaine when I visited. I just remember at the time she felt weird which now explains the readings I was getting at the time and going, huh?

I just found an incense recipe that had quantities, wahoo! This is one that I used to make around Beltane called Elfin Madness and it used to really be that.

1 part Lemongrass – for lust, psychic power

½ part lavender – Happiness

1 part catnip – happiness and magnetic attraction

½ part mugwort – psychic powers

1/6 part cinnamon – lust & psychic power

1/6 part galangal – lust & psychic power

Oils: 1 part Musk ( Magnetic attraction) and a part of herbs is not equal to a part of oils but the oil measurement was more like a tsp or less

½ part violet – lust, sweetness

And the wood was ½ oak bark to the whole mix, if that makes sense. Luck and Protection

Damn stuff blew the doors off. LOL!

Anyway, it’s fun to look back almost 30 years and see the baby witch I was at the time.

A good family laugh

We watched Despicable Me 2 for New Year’s Eve. We laughed so hard. I think it was better than the first one and I really liked that one too. How can you not love the Minions? But it had my sister and I laughing about a family memory to the point I almost fell off the couch because we had done the same thing to mom.

At one point, one of the Minions is doing an imitation of an ambulance/police siren and we just died. I can tell this is going to cause recurrent laughter for years? Why because both of us pulled the same thing on mom while she was driving.

I used to hum to myself in the backseat to entertain myself when I was a kid and I guess it was at the same pitch as a siren and a couple of times before my mom figured it out she pulled over to the side and waited for the ambulance and of course there wasn’t one because it was just me humming to myself. The first time she pulled over I can remember her saying, “where the heck was the siren coming from?” and then she turned around and realized it was me. She wasn’t happy. The second time she pulled over and then looked back at me and knew again I’d been humming. I got a “stop that!”.

After that I would try to get her to pull over and she wouldn’t, mind you I was about 4 at the time and this was hysterically funny for a four year old. Almost as good as fart noises.

10 years later my sister was born and when she was about 4, my mom had finally forgotten about small children who hum to themselves in the back seat and it happened again, she pulled over to wait for the siren before looking at my sister humming away in the back seat.

So Ali and I got a good laugh at that part of the movie. “We do we do we do….”