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You asshats that keep googling Lady Louise’s eyes, SHAME ON YOU!

A few years ago when Prince William and Kate were married I wrote a post that I was glad Lady Louise Windsor was included in the wedding because her parents had been accused of hiding her away because of her eye problem. To my every lasting horror almost every day someone reads it because it comes up under searches for things like Lady Louise crosseyed and other offensive terms the least of which is a disability.My post was about what it was like to grow up with the same disability but I doubt you asswipes read that far when you found out it really didn’t satisfy your prurient interests. There were 12 people yesterday alone after all this time.

You all searchers ought to be ashamed of yourselves! As far as I’m concerned it is none of your effing business what her eye problem is. Kids with eye problems don’t usually think of it as a disability unless other stupid people make it apparent that they think it is one and quite frankly, those people are full of crap and ought to be confined somewhere where they can’t do damage to other people. They are disability perverts for even existing and wanting to know any details about another person’s physical problems. Would you like some person googling your physical problems? I don’t think so! So all you people who keep landing on my blog. I hope someone googles your funny looking nose or your crooked finger, or the warts on your neck or your bad body odor you think no one notices. It would serve you right.

Today’s reading


Spark of Life

Ace of Wands

The turning of the cosmic axis that generates the spark of life. The drill symbolizes the skills that exert control over the environment, directed by the human intellect.

Renewed will and life energy. Sudden determination and action. Return of health. Positive energy.

A new force in one’s life, as yet unformed and unchanelled.