In case you have never seen what planning for a public ritual can look like

This was our ritual:



Set-up and items to bring.

1. Things to bring:

Reindeer headdresses – everyone

Greenery for Altar – anyone

Baskets – everyone

lantern candle holders and red, white, green candles – anyone

peppermint sticks – ?

Ca – mulled cider

C! – Lucina crown, hot cups, bowls, Yule log & ribbon, pens, paper

P- Green altar cloths, votive candles, cutlery, napkins, plates, Elen picture, Swan headdress

K – Aluminum foil (we cover the table/ altar that has the candles & tealight attendees bring)


Main Altar: Elen picture. Green Altar cloth, red, green, white candles, greenery, pictures

Small Altar – aluminum foil and some sparkly star stuff. (This Altar is for lit votive candles)


Smudging – Winter Solstice incense, blessing with Solstice oil

Caroling – lead by ElfKat. Songsheets will be available


Introduction – (J)

It is Winter Solstice Eve and tonight we are sharing stories about

Elen of the Ways that Caroline Wise, a wisewoman from London told us.

Elen is not a herstorical figure; she is a Hidden Goddess of

Ancient Britain. Indeed, Her story begins long before there were

nations – She belongs to the times, 10,000 years ago, when there were

only children of Mother Earth. Since She is soooo old, she has

many gossamer threads hidden in stories. She has a direct link to

Santa Claus!

Lucina – (C!)

We will begin with our traditional celebration of Lucina, a

Scandinavian Sun Goddess

Lucina procession – Ca

We can select a Lucina from the community. Light people’s votive

candles. Process around singing "Celebrate the birth of the Sun"

Before sitting down, people will place their votive candles on a

small Altar in front of the main Altar.

Meeting of the Sun Goddesses – (Beive)

At the procession’s end, Lucina sees a Goddess flying through the

sky – this is Beive, the Sun Goddess from Lapland (Finland)

She flies through the sky on a sled made of reindeer antlers. Beive is

an "eye in the sky" and She can see what’s happening on Earth.

Lucina asks Beive what She can see on this Winter Solstice Eve.

Beive responds that She sees people looking for the Reindeer Woman

Elen. The Goddesses agree that they will shed some Solstice light

on these people to help them find Elen.

Calling in Elen

(from C!’s notes): *Elen is balanced within the elements.

* In North England she is very much about springs and wells. (Water) – (M) (Spring Season?)

* In summer she is the golden land. Blackbird (Earth) – (D)

* Autumn – crossroads; show me a way through the forest by firing

your arrow. (Air) – (A)

* Winter – drawing in and healing; bring evergreens inside to

visualize the greening & reflection time. Also gathering & warmth &

close friends….Storytelling time. (Fire) – (C)

*As the pole star, Cygnus, she is the way by which birds

navigate. Her name means `Star Path." (Center) – (J)

Everyone sings the Song – the 3 verses/the chorus

Storytellers of Elen appear:

Helena, Empress of the Crossroads – (M) Crossroads, the true Cross – the constellation

Cygnus the Swan

Elen, Lady Sovereignty (C) – Awakening the Land, the shamanic flight of Mascen

Elen, The Green Lady (Kat) – Venus, The Goddess of the Gardens, The Underground Stream

Elen, The Mistress of the Old Straight Track – (K) Ley Lines, Shamanic Flight, Road builder

Elen, The Reindeer Goddess – (A) Visions of Elen with antlers, `Elen’ means `deer’ in

several languages. `Doe, a deer, a female deer’ with antlers is a Reindeer.

She puts Herself into the consciousness of the Wisewoman, Caroline Wise and the

Elen of the Way seekers in London. A vision of Elen with deer horns appears.

Then the mystery of shamanic flight, the long straight track and Elen the Reindeer

Ancestor is revealed.

Elen of The Star Path (P) – Cygnus, the Swan, the Pole Star

Dancing Around the World Tree

Select a tall woman to be the Tree that reaches to the Stars. She

wears a Swan Headdress. We sing the Song and dance around Her.

Maybe some of the shiny gossamer wings are used. Maybe some gossamer

ribbon to dance with.

The Final Mystery of Elen or When Santa Claus was a Woman – (J)

The young Sami Shamanka seeks the mystery of Reindeer

flight as part of her training. She sees the Reindeer dancing and

figures out how to use the magic red and white mushroom (amanita

muscaria) to fly. On Winter Solstice Eve, she shows her people her

new skills. She is dressed in red and white, partakes of the magic

red and white mushroom. Reindeer antlers appear on her head and her

community sees her fly out the smoke hole of the community yurt. She

follows the reindeer herds along the first long straight tracks. She

flies a long way south, gathering special herbs and plants along the

way. Then she returns to her people, coming back into the yurt’s

smoke hole with her bag of green gifts. 10,000 years later, the Flying

Reindeer Shamanka not only persists as Santa Claus,??????

When the story is finished, people are invited to partake of red

and white peppermint sticks (in lieu of mushrooms) and there is a

pathworking (i.e., meditation) where we all fly. Callista! will be

the lead reindeer. There will be the shamanic drummers.

When the Flight ends, we sing a final verse (maybe a new verse) and

chorus of the Song.

Elen is thanked.

Center – (J)

Fire – (C)

Air – (A)

Earth – (D)

Water – (M)

The green gifts that people have brought are passed out by the

various Elens.


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