Elen of the ways Solstice ritual

There is something about priestessing a ritual when it goes right that is the best feeling. It kind of site near your heart afterwards and glows. It’s funny when you ask the Goddess to go to the next level you hope you are ready for the ordination/initiation/consecration and then you go through the ritual and the new state settles in. Saturday night I felt like an Arch Druidess for the first time, like it had been absorbed and settled, like it was me and not like I was trying to be an Arch Druidess, if that makes any sense at all. For once I wasn’t terribly nervous or insecure about what I was going to do.

Saturday night TOILA did our Solstice ritual and in honour of Laura we did the Elen of the ways ritual, Laura wrote for us several years ago.

7 of Elen’s incarnations visit the ritual during the evening. At one point I had a moment where I was struck by a weird version of the Christmas Carol ghosts and Elen’s incarnations mingling and almost started giggling.

The 7 visions of Elen were: Helena, Empress of the Crossroads – Crossroads, the true Cross – the constellation – Cygnus the Swan. Helena was the mother of Constantine.

Elen, Lady Sovereignty – Awakening the Land, the shamanic flight of Mascen

Elen, The Green Lady – Venus, The Goddess of the Gardens, The Underground Stream, gardens and the greenways.

Elen, The Mistress of the Old Straight Track – Ley Lines, Shamanic Flight, Road builder

Elen, The Reindeer Goddess – – Visions of Elen with antlers, `Elen’ means `deer’ in

Several languages. `Doe, a deer, a female deer’ with antlers is a Reindeer.

Elen of The Star Path – Cygnus, the Swan, the Pole Star

Dancing Around the World Tree

The Final Mystery of Elen or When Santa Claus was a Woman – Elen as bringer of gifts

I was Elen of the Green Ways. Since for much of the northern hemisphere the earth is not very green but is in hibernation and because I couldn’t find a lot of information of her as the Green Woman counter part to the Green Man and because the others seem to be doing a lot of history of the different parts of Elen, I chose to do something a little different. I took people on a meditative journey through the resting earth. We visited things that were peacefully sleeping and travelled with an earthworm creating more fertile earth and stayed with a seed from a pine tree as it consumed its seed and started to send down roots and waited patiently to grow through the earth when spring warmed the soil further. I didn’t want to do the traditional tree type meditation and I didn’t want anything about actively growing above the earth. This isn’t the time for that. This is the time of year for contemplation and storytelling. I wanted them to rest a bit after all the information and other stories. I think it worked. It felt like it did.

Diana and I led the carols and that went well and the Reeds brought their instruments and played before while we were getting ready and doing the final check up and run through. I can never stand to abandon the room while everyone else gets ready in the kitchen. It makes me feel like a bad hostess. And people need to feel welcome and there were fewer of us than usual so no one was minding the front desk. So someone needed to be there to answer questions, so Diana and I flitted between the kitchen and the main sanctuary.

We usually do the ritual the weekend before so we weren’t sure anyone would show up but we had a lot of people so that was really nice. We were afraid since it was on Solstice Night no one would show up so we didn’t put out that many chairs in case it was just us. It was nice to put out more chairs.

The only bad part was that it was supposed to be our coven celebration but usually the date is chosen by Laura and Laura wasn’t there to do that for us anymore so we got a late date. It’s sad but the coven after almost 30 years is dying or maybe even dead at least for some of us. I stopped on the way to drop off the gifts I made or ordered and the coven sister who answered the door could have cared less what I was there for or why I was going to miss our gathering. She was kind of rude and very dismissive. So I’m having to accept what I do not want to after so long, that I just don’t mean that much to her and maybe the rest of them and that maybe it’s time to let it go and die a natural death. It’s been that kind of year anyway. Just another thing to grieve on top of the rest. A bit depressing to go with the high of the ritual. Damn!

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  1. That sounds like a BEAUTIFUL ritual. I’m sorry that that happened to you at the coven-stead, but it sounds like this may be the goddess’s way of telling you that you were meant for bigger and better things. Blessings to you!


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