I have a terrible feeling I’m getting sick. This is really not good since I have to lead carols Saturday night and I’m supposed to be Elen – Goddess of the Green Way in our Elen Yule ritual. I have an earache that is cranking up the painfulness by the hour and I may be trying to find a heating pad at lunch. That’s what my mom used as a kid when I’d get them. I’ve been drinking hot tea all morning and it’s taken the edge off but now my throat is starting to get sore too. I feel like crap and I’m hoping I don’t run out of vitamin C which can usually ward off disaster if I take enough.

I know I’m getting sick when I start craving, hot jello, milk shakes and soup and I’m wanting all of the above, Crap! And I’m still at work.

3 thoughts on “craptastic!

  1. I am SO sorry…. I SO hope you don’t get it. It sound like what Cathy & I had (still have). She got sicker than I did, and I’m not sure why, because she slept a lot more than I did. Good news is, it’s only REALLY bad for about a day. Then it gets better. Lets hope you can pass that whole thing by.


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